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It is known that there is no method in JavaScript to get the current week number of the year. You can get the year, months, days, hours, even milliseconds by using date object properties. But the week?

Initially, I want to mention about date objects. We should be aware of the date objects to be able to create the function.

Method: Description

getDate(): Returns the day of the month (from 1–31)

getDay(): Returns the day of the week (from 0–6)

getFullYear(): Returns the yeargetHours()Returns the hour (from 0–23)

getMilliseconds(): Returns the milliseconds (from 0–999)

getMinutes(): Returns the minutes (from 0–59)

getMonth(): Returns the month (from…

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For the love of coding and food

Attention, attention, please!!! This article includes basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and a little bit humour.


  1. 1 piece, less coded, HTML file
  2. 1 piece, very pleasing to the eye CSS stylesheet. Be brave for your pleasures.
  3. JS file within three functions. It is very difficult to find a suchlike recipe with a little ingredient on the market :).

Before coding the game, I highly recommend you coding the game on your own. Even if you fall through, you will gain analytical thinking and this is very important on the journey of being a developer.

After you have created HTML page and styled with CSS, I want to mention indispensable functions. Without this, your game looks like a meal without salt and cooking oil. …

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Analytical thinking means that the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts to study the parts and their relation. Except for its lexical meaning I believe in that it means problem-solving ability in the software world. However, in the first instance, we must accept that it is not easy to think in this way. And it does not drop out of the sky. In my opinion, the easiest and shortest way to gain this ability is to deal with problems without giving up.

On the contrary of high school, I was very far from natural sciences and when I saw a problem/task at the beginning of my BootCamp, I was feeling nauseated. I came through this by dealing with all problems/task which I have seen yet. During the course you deal with already a lot of assignments but if you say yourself that you want to be here to stay these can’t be sufficient. And when you can not come to the end of the task, if you give up easily, you are already the losers’ club. …

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