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Whether your business is conducted as business-to-consumer or business-to-business, you can always optimize your sales strategy, lead generation, and email marketing to increase revenue. With three dynamic strategies to improve your sales metrics, you can take your business to the next level.

Lead Generation Strategy

Making a startup may be a daunting task; however, it is possible to navigate all the obstacles and create a valuable enterprise with the proper toolkit. One obstacle that many startups struggle with is marketing. Proper marketing can make the difference between a failed business and a thriving business.

In this example, let’s look at Facebook Marketing. There are 5 great steps to a successful Facebook Ad campaign.

Understanding Your Funnel

Entrepreneurs turn their brilliant ideas into great startups, however, without mapping key metrics, it is near impossible to take your business to the next level. These key metrics are part of a consumer-focused marketing model that illustrates the theoretical customer journey toward purchasing a good or service. This marketing model is known as a Customer Funnel. Metrics are essential at each step of the funnel because they enable brands to focus on customer success effectively and increase the lifetime value of customers.


You have embarked on your venture and are sure that your startup has a strong value proposition, however, you experience friction and need a way to promote your startup. You need to offer details on your startup quickly at a low cost. At this point. You must improve your Public Relations.

Embrace the changing media landscape.

As you progress through developing your startup, you need to plan to develop a solid business strategy. At this point, you should consider the real opportunity of your startup, what gives you the edge to win it, and how are you going to fund it. As part of a comprehensive solid business strategy, we should dive into how an entrepreneur should finance the venture.


You have started your venture and you may be in the stage where you experience extreme friction and you wonder why nobody may purchase or download your product, or you find it hard to hire anybody and your company may not get any press. You may think your venture is unworthy, however, you just have not achieved product-market fit. Once you reach that point of product-market fit the tables reverse.

  1. Identify the target customer

Your Enterprise is growing steadily, and you create products, have a management team, and have important goals to reach until you begin to run short on cash. One of the main reasons to fundraise is to acquire more cash to expand operations. To successfully raise, there are fundamentals of fundraising to keep in mind if you want to raise to be successful.


You have the idea and the plan; however, it is time to start thinking about raising capital for your venture. Seed Rounds are beneficial to kickstart enterprises and start scaling expensive operations to economies of scale. The downside is that you give equity; therefore, you must consider if fundraising at this point is a sound decision.

When to Fundraise

Every great product costs time or capital to be brought to life. Imagine you have a game-changing solution to a problem, but you do not know how you will fund it. It is highly likely you have heard of the most conventional funding methods, but you do not think they quite fit. The classic funding styles include:

· Angel — Networking and relationship-based

· Venture Capital — Arduous process; larger check with new network

· Debt — Easier to secure as an established company

· Family & Friends — De-risk situation with expectations

· Revenue-based — Retain control with no…

A Complete Game Changer

So, you wish to become an investment pitch deck wizard with the capital to back up the entrepreneurial venture you have always dreamed of. With some easy tips, your journey will be optimized for overwhelming success. Brace yourself for a trip through success avenue.

Pro Tip # 1 — Know your audience

The next tips are great to take into consideration crafting your pitch:

1. Angel Investor

The Angel Investor is your best bet for early-stage investment. They typically write smaller check sizes for early-stage companies. The key to engaging this audience is understanding they don’t want just to hand you a check. Invite…

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