The University of South Carolina will be offering a graduate program this summer, combining engineering and science with technical and business skills; the first of its kind in the state. The MS in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering is a one-year program that partners the College of Engineering and Computing and the Moore School of business. The combination of the two prepares students to hone the ability of assessment of a concept, whether it’s applicable, and how it would impact the business.

This graduate program is designed for students and professionals to blend entrepreneurial and engineering skills, allowing individuals to…

Every year from February to April, about 200 million boxes of cookies are sold by more than 1 million girl scouts. One of the largest entrepreneurial organizations for girls in the world, troops make every decision regarding the cookies. From the bakers to work with to what they use their profits for, these young adults decide the future of the cookies.

These decisions, including everything from product marketing to logistics, are made at the annual meeting of New York City Cookie Executive Committee, which includes a group of top-selling Scouts. While this meeting has only taken place for the last…

Emrys McMahon

Emrys McMahon is an engineer living in Houston, Texas. He is currently employed at Bank of Montreal.

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