My forecast relies on the historical data of the popular data in every state


Thanks to Asma Barakat for helping me in gathering the needed data for this research!


Many factors affect the election results as the COVID-19, impeachment, economy, unemployment rate, natural disasters’ response, climate change, foreign policy, people’s loyalty to their party, debates, presidents’ heights, and plenty of other factors. In this article, I will focus solely on historical data of the popular vote in every state.


The programming language used in the modeling and analysis is SAS 9.4. The model used is the PROC UNIVARIATE.


To test my model, I predicted the 2016 elections and compared the results to the actual values. Collectively, the algorithm shows that Trump would win in 2016, which actually happened. Also, it forecasts that he will win the 2020 elections. However, by inspecting the state's results, I found that the code predicted 11 states wrong, further details below. …

الخطوة الأولي: عمل حساب شخصي على أمازون مجانًا

ادخل على موقع أمازون و سيقوم بتوجيهك مباشرة لموقع أماوزن بالبلد التي أنت متواجد بها.
لو أنت مقيم مؤقتا بهذه الدولة فتأكد أن تدخل على موقع البلد التي لديك بها حساب بنكي و بياناتك الشخصية بها حتى يتم تحويل أرباحك لحسابك البنكي بطريقة صحيحة.
بعد إدخال بيانات حسابك البنكي، عادة يقوم أمازون بإرسال سنت أو ما شابه للتأكد أن حسابك صحيح قبل تحويل أي مبالغ أخري كخطوة إحترازية.

الخطوة الثانية: عمل حساب على موقع الكيندل مجانًا

من عامان كان هناك موقع اسمه
لرفع ملفات و بيانات كتبك لطباعته ورقيا وموقع آخر لإتاحة كتبك رقميا على تطبيق الكيندل. الآن تم دمج كلاهما في موقع الكيندل. …

Using Docker Playground

Everyone is moving to microservices and dockerizing monolithic applications. Newbies to docker who would like to familiarize themselves with Docker can use the Docker Playground. It is free!

I always recommend my students use Google Chrome as the browser. Usually, it won’t ask for entering your Docker Hub ID and password. It will show you the START button, as in Figure 1. Click on it.

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Figure 1: Start the Docker Playground in Google Chrome

Docker Enterprise suite consists of three components:
1. Docker Enterprise Engine
2. UCP (Universal Control Plane)
3. DTR (Docker Trusted Registry)

Note that there are two Docker engines: The Docker Community Edition (CE) and the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). …

If a publisher will print your tutorials and articles, expect the editors to ask you to remove the background of your screenshots and have your screenshots with white or light background.

Recently, I faced this issue several times and found an easy way using Microsoft Word and Paint. Moreover, the process takes a couple of minutes.

Assume that your screenshots look like these two screenshots:

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Sample 1

Surveillance | IoT | Big Brother

How can a data-driven world change your life?

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Photo by Lianhao Qu on Unsplash

In August 2015, my family rented a car from Hertz. My husband drove us home in upstate NY from JFK Airport. We were exhausted, so my daughter and I slept in the back. Suddenly, we woke up to the car crashing into the cement barrier in the middle of the highway. After several minutes passed like hours, the car stopped. My husband went down to check the car’s damage. I was surprised by a sound from the radio asking me if we were okay or needed to call the ambulance immediately.

I thought my husband called the police, and the phone connected to the car’s radio with Bluetooth. Later, I recognized that I was wrong. The car was the one that called automatically, without informing us or taking our approval! …

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Photo by Lianhao Qu on Unsplash

في أغسطس ٢٠١٥، قمنا بإستئجار سيارة من شركة هرتز ليقودها زوجي عائدين بها من مطار كينيدي بنيويورك للمنزل. كنا منهكين فنمت أنا و ابنتي بالكنبة الخلفية، لأستيقظ علي السيارة ترتطم بالحاجز الأسمنتي بمنتصف الطريق السريع و كل ما أراه في وسط ظلام الليل الحالك هو الشرر المتطاير من جانب السيارة الأيسر الأمامي بالحائط و كل ما أسمعه هو صوت احتكاك اطارات العجل بارتفعات و انخفاضات الأسفلت التي تدل علي إننا خرجنا خارج الطريق و زوجي قال إنه فقد السيطرة عليها، لتتوقف من شدة الاحتكاك بعد عدة دقائق مرت علينا كأنها ساعات و كل ما أحوال تجميعه بعقلي هي كلمات الشهادة و البسملة. …

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The hashtags of Ai4 Healthcare 2019 Conference at NYC are #ai4 #ai4healthcare. [Image Source: Engy Fouda]

The conference speakers demonstrated how AI can improve healthcare with use-cases. However, many clinicians look to it with wary eyes.

NEW YORK CITY — Clinicians and engineers argued about the effectiveness of using AI in the health industry through technical and business tracks for a successful, packed, two-day conference, “Ai4 Healthcare,” which started on Nov. 11, 2019.

Four presentations were running in parallel to accommodate the 86 speakers from various sectors of the healthcare industry. The presentation halls were packed. During Phillips and OpenPharma-Opioid presentations, the rooms were full of plenty of attendees standing.

“We had about 400 attendees at Ai4 Healthcare,” said Jessica Gallagher, public relations lead at Ai4.

They presented their machine learning models to help physicians, radiologists, and pathologists. Some of the goals were to diagnose cancer, predict the cause of death due to opioids, decrease suicide, predicting hepatitis C infection, and forecast lung health. …


Engy Fouda

Author, Learn Data Science Using SAS Studio. Docker,SAS,Kubernetes instructor at ONLC. Harvard University Alumni.

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