Cut the bullshit and recognize what is important. To you.

Being the captain of the ship that is your life, you are constantly navigating through a sea of distraction. And very often, you fail to make the trip to that shimmering light in the misty darkness, where you know that your destination awaits, because your ship gets easily distorted from its course by massive waves of distraction.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for humans to admit to themselves is that no matter at what point in your life you are — being a successful, a happy, or an unhappy and failure point — it is mostly your own responsibility for your own state of existence.

When you are true to yourself and you assume responsibility over your own state of happiness, you are faced with the greatest power of making vital choices that reflect your values and the path that you walk on — no one will walk it for you!

This path, this sea that you steer your ship through is often full of distraction that comes in various forms — from mindless activities such as reading pointless articles, watching non sense buzz feed videos or TV’s, to paying attention and interest in other people’s lives with them being famous or just someone you know. If you want to be true to your goals and to yourself, you need to face another thing that is difficult for humans to do — your distractions, your reasons to procrastinate, the massive waves that keep steering your ship off course.

I will use myself as an example. I had way too many distractions in my life, and I still have some, but I am aware of them, and when my mind gently flows up to a distracted state, I am quick to recognize it and shift my focus back on whatever important thing I am working on / reading about / doing, etc.

I am a massive fan of Elon Musk, and he is one of my greatest inspirations to work hard and be persistent when chasing my goals and dreams. I am interested in the projects that he is working on, and I have read his biography, but you will not see me fanboying his twitter account, looking for every single update that he posts, or talking about what kind of food he heats, what places he goes to, what announcement is he about to make and so on.

I also like to play video games when I have the time, but when I do, I am immersed in to the game, and I don’t think about work, life, training, etc. The same way, when I am working, I don’t think about games, the characters in them or the upcoming updates. When I do feel my though slowly crawling towards the urge to distract itself from the task at hand, I have a process, that when I do fell distracted, I remind myself, that deep down in my core values I am not the kind of person that will give up on a task, just so they can get a few seconds of sweet negligence. I find joy in getting things done, and when the sea I am sailing it becomes stormy and dark, and I am facing a difficulty, then the distractions come out, like sweet siren songs, luring me in their traps, offering me the gift of happiness and joy.

In his book “Flow” Mihály Csíkszentmihályi talks about his research on how people are at their happiest state when they are producing. That essentially means that reading bullshit articles about celebrities, or watching the brain cell killing television, or just laying in bed scrolling your social medias on your phone does not truly makes you happy, but producing something via a state of concentrate, focused work is what truly brings the biggest amount of happiness.

So why run from it? Why fall in to the trap of distraction? Cut off what distracts you, fuck the celebrity you like’s diet choice, fuck that buzzfeed video of how to make a cheese sandwich, fuck TV, fuck bullshit conversations with people you don’t give two fucks about.

Focus on you, focus on staying true to yourself, because in this world, in this life, you are the best friend you will ever have, you are the biggest love of your own life, if you fail you to stay real and to respect yourself, then your ship will never reach the light in the mist, and you will be a constant slave to the waves of distraction.