I Spent $4,567 on a MacBook Pro — Here are 6 Things I Lost
Dharmesh Shah

I’m in the same boat, and have the same misgivings. My mid-2012 MBP is getting pretty tired — screen hinge is has play and the battery will sometimes decide that 30% = 3% and it will shut down. I work my computrs really hard so 4 years of constant service is commendable.

When I look at my typical tasks, I’m usually displaying to an external monitor (or projector) on a daily basis (usually HDMI), reading from SD card at least once a week, and using various USB devices. So I’ll have to carry dongles. Which isn’t the end of the world, but it feels a lot like previous Mac iterations when they made changes (e.g. Firewire). And peripherals will now have to catch up.

What is ironic is that the only other USB-C device I have is a Nexus 5x. So actually the new MBP is more compatible with a Google phone that with its own brand new iPhone. That is a bit odd.

I’m not convinced that laptops with touch screens really are that compelling. I don’t care for using an iPad with the matching keyboard. I’m very adept at the trackpad, and like the abstraction of being off the screen. I am interested to see if the touchbar actually is useful or is just a shiny object.

I have to admit that the new MS Surface may not be highly useful, but it is sexy. Something Macs usually are. I still find win10 to be a bit of a mess, so I haven’t jumped ship yet but we are a very mixed shop at work and there are things I like about the Surface Book. Related to that, the fact that Apple made the iPad Pro and gave a much better writing experience with the pencil but then have no elegant (or even inelegant way) to store or transport the pencil…that is another bad omen. Plus I find iOS to not be particularly good for actual work (I need a navigable file system), but that is another rant.

We’ll see if I end up on MS-land come 2017. Which would be a shame seeing as how I’ve been using Apple computers since 1980 and Macs since 1985…

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