The new mobile EMU program for smartphones based on iOS and Android will provide the new way of interactive interaction between visitors and employees of cafes and restaurants. Now, for food and drinks ordering and further paying bills in any institution, with EMU program’s support there’s no need to call for a waiter any more!

The traditional menu of cafes and restaurants in its current format has been existing for more than 200 years. During all this period, the classic ordering way with a large list choice of offers almost had no alternatives. …

Developers of EMU Project managed to combine technologies of blockchain and fifteen years of experience in the service industry. In fact, we have created a new ecosystem in the restaurant business, which will greatly simplifies life for customers, staff and restaurant owners. By installing the EMU mobile application users immediately receives all information about the restaurant menu: best offers, current availability, which is updated in real time.

In addition, the language barrier problems are easily solved offering multi-languages menu with top quality photos of food and drinks and video reviews of restaurant. Among other things, the mobile program at one…

You no longer need to:

- wait for the waiter

- wait when you get change

- wait for your dish for 40 minutes

- think about how to give feedback

- think about how to pay just for yourself in a big company

- think that your order will be lost or it will not be in the menu

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#EMUICO #EMUinnovations

You do not need to wait. Just three clicks and you made an order.

#EMUICO #EMUinnovations

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#EMUICO #EMUinnovation

Waiting for the waiter, errors in the delivery of the order, language barrier, human factor — all this remains in the past thanks to a simple mobile application that can easily be downloaded in the APP Store and Play Market app stores.

#EMUICO #EMUinnovations

EMU Project

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