How to learn Blockchain? Advantages, Learning path and Future

Sumathi Ganapathy
Nov 20 · 2 min read

Technology has always tried to organize the chaos of the human world. Keep us connected and helps us to do menial work more efficiently. The internet bought with it the connection, the ability to look up information and transformed the way human’s function and interact.

Another revolution comparable to the internet is disrupting all established methods of business functions, that is Blockchain. One may wonder isn’t

Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and Big data affecting much more than Blockchain.

AI, IoT, Big Data are predominantly working with data. A lot of data. These data need to be securely stored, accessed and analysed. This is where blockchain contributes heavily to securely storing the data through encryption, provide easy access to stakeholders through a transparent distributed network. The main security offered by blockchain relies on its decentralized network. This removes the authority that lies with a central body, making most or all stakeholders the authority to provide consensus.

Based on all these advantages Blockchain is getting adopted in various business verticals. This is creating a huge demand for blockchain equipped developers who can work on creating applications on Blockchain. ’Blockchain developer’ is the no.1 emerging job as per linkedIn.

To cater to this demand, many blockchain online courses are being offered by reputed e-learning platforms in collaboration with universities. On the other hand, there are blockchain courses for beginners offered by the blockchain industry people themselves. EMURGO Academy is one such blockchain practitioners who have set up a blockchain online courses coupled with classroom approach to skill interested and eager working professionals with the necessary skills to embark on a successful blockchain career.

With EMURGO Academy you get to:

1. Start an Entrepreneurial journey through the accelerator program in NYC

2. Pitch Your blockchain ideas at International Forums

3. Connect with Employers in the Industry

4. Be mentored and assessed through LIVE sessions by CXO’s

These key aspects of EMURGO’s WorkPro make the course stand out tall amongst other blockchain online courses.

Sumathi Ganapathy

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Sumathi is a creative content writer & copywriter. Now a in-house content writer for a successful Digital Marketing Agency.

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