Address the pain, make it worse, then make it better

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Have you ever spent half an hour writing, deleting, and rewriting a social media caption? I think most of us have been there, whether it be for personal or business purposes. I know I’ve been there. In fact, I know I’ve been there a whole lot.

As a writer, this nugget of information usually comes as a surprise to people. I was always been deemed “the writer,” or “the creative one” growing up, so it’s expected that witty words are always at the ready. But in truth, creatives aren’t born with super-amazing abilities, and they don’t (or shouldn’t) wait for…

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photo via Unsplash, Prateek Katyal

I’m not a fan of reality TV. I don’t watch ‘The Bachelor’, ‘The Real Housewives’, and I could never get into ‘Jersey Shore’ when that was a thing.

But, after hearing that Netflix’s new reality series, ‘The Circle’, was essentially a social media experiment, the marketing nerd in me decided to give it a shot. The first 30 minutes of the pilot episode were cringey and oh-so trashy but somehow I just couldn’t turn away. They had me laughing, empathizing, and discovering social media gold.

So, What’s ‘The Circle’ All About?

To give you a quick overview of the show, eight contestants move into an apartment…

Person at sunset holding a dandelion with petals flying away in the breeze
Person at sunset holding a dandelion with petals flying away in the breeze
via thevibrantmachine on Pexels

I met B when I was 8-years-old. We instantly clicked over Sailor Moon and our unwavering love for John, the unanimous classroom crush. We made paper fortune-tellers (and got in trouble for trying to start a business selling them), created and ran a classroom newspaper (which got shut down because we used too much of her parent’s printer toner), and choreographed a Cheetah Girls dance act for the school’s talent show.

But more than that, we could confide in each other the demons crawling under our skin. You see, B had immigrated from Eastern Europe when she was 5, and…

Here’s a question I was embarrassed to answer a couple of years ago: When was the last time you’ve read a book? It had to be years since I actually read a book for enjoyment, start to finish. That was such a strange truth to confront because as a child, there were times that I never stopped reading. It was pretty much all I did since I didn’t grow up with cable TV. I mean, my eight-year-old self would wake up at 5 AM before school each morning to catch an episode of Sailor Moon. …

Emily Vasquez

Lover of books, coffee, and the Oxford comma. // Need good marketing content? I’m available: // Twitter: @emvmusings // IG: emily__rising

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