A Drop of Infinity

Two weeks ago I was able to attend a gathering at EARTH University where 40-some strangers evolved into friends, mentors, unfacilitators of emergence, dance partners, swimming companions, eyes into the invisible, dream readers, reflectors of my soul, and energy exchangers.

We all came with different stories, selves, sense of identities, cultures, customs, projects, prides, tribes, presents, and priorities. We came without explicit expectations but carrying the baggage of the social norms that have infiltrated our schools, societies, and senses since the beginning.

And yet we were a community. This was clear from the first round of hugs and deepened with every dance step. It strengthened in each moment of silent recognition that spread across the circle, and was what allowed the tension to hang so tangibly from south to north, west to east. Over the course of our gathering we breathed together; exhaling some of the fumes to make room for the fires in each of us.

On the last day we were reflecting on the experience. Even though I had felt, learned, and experienced so much the thing that surfaced the most was a fresh but familiar sensation: It is the sensation that I am only just beginning to learn how much I have yet to learn.

Which is why I can’t write any reasonable-length piece that truly captures this experience. For as we (im)patiently know, this learning is still emerging. But what I can share are some of the questions that are burning, and a list of places where these questions are being lit.


  • What is at the core of education? How can we create, design, or open educational experiences that empower the creation of a better today and a brighter tomorrow?
  • How can we re-value education and do away with degrees?
  • Who is [the group currently called] ecoversities and what can we offer the world?
  • What can we do now? What can we do next?
  • Do we know how to listen? Are we really listening to each other?
  • What social tensions did we fail to recognize? What cultural ignorance did we continue to embody?
  • Is EARTH University, with it’s impressive statistics of cultural, racial, and economic diversity part of the solution - or part of the problem?
  • Is our group part of the solution or part of the problem? Do we know yet? Will we ever?
  • What can we learn from our dancing, music, emerging, ceremonies, laughter, and our care for one another?
  • What does authentic learning look like?
  • How can we hold on to and nurture the wisdom of our elders?
  • Are we moving too fast or too slow? Are we moving in the right direction?
  • What truths are we not ready, willing, or able to speak?
  • Are we asking the right questions?

Places Where These Questions Are Being Explored:

Enlivened Learning | Goddard College (Vermont)| Universidad de la Tierra (Mexico)| Education with Aloha (Hawaii)|Swaraj University (India)| Universidad del Medio Ambiente (Mexico)| Alternative University (Romania)|Digital Hargeisa (Somalia)| Cairo Institute (Egypt) | Gaia University | Findhorn (Scotland)| CIET (Mexico)| Escuela Campesina | Mycelium (USA)| Free Home University (Italy)| CEPROSI (Peru)|Raices Colectivas (Mexico)| Unavision | NuMundo

The passion and promise contained in the group that gathered and the collective efforts of everyone listed above feels like a drop of the infinite potential that exists when we put energy into limitless resources like creativity, togetherness, and love.

Juntos, estamos creando el mundo.