Waterfall Shower is Now a Thing You Can Afford for Your Bathroom

Step out of the age-old bath tub fantasy and experience the luxury of waterfall shower, which is just the right fit for any wetroom. Waterfall showers are gaining popularity among homeowners and replacing ordinary shower heads to give users the soothing effect that goes far and wide beyond bathing experience.

This article is all about waterfall showers: their features and whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Read on to learn more.

Experience a different bath every day

Waterfall showers have different settings — from mist to massage — that give you a great bathing experience. After a long, tiring day at work, your wet-room with waterfall shower is the place to be. Start your bath with misting spray to absorb the soothing effect of fine droplets and with just a flick of the knob, switch to a full body spray that will knead the fatigue away. There are many other settings that you can try at different times of the day to relax your body and mind.

Choose the Size and Height as per Your Preferences

Waterfall shower usually comes with an 8-inch wide showerhead that provides wider coverage as compared to normal showerheads. The placement of showerhead is largely determined by the dimensions of your wetroom. You may be required to do some changes to your wet-room to get the best out of this innovative feature. Simply call in your wet room specialists of London or wherever you are based, and they will make your wetroom fully compliant to waterfall showerheads at an affordable price.

You may choose to save water or enjoy the profuse supply — it’s up to you!

Waterfall showerhead is engineered with a sense of responsibility toward environment whilst taking into stride the user’s comfort as well, which is why it offers the best of both worlds. It has water-saving mode and a full-power spray, along with several other levels in between.

The extra money spent is worth it

Waterfall showers are more expensive than ordinary showerheads that you have been using since ever, but the extra amount that you shell out will be worth it.

Waterfall shower may seem to be a luxury and not a necessity, until you try it. Have a word with your wetroom specialist to get it installed for a special bathing experience, every day.