If you don’t know what the pit is, it’s being stuck in the footsteps seeing others take. I’ve always been an undecided person whether it was for what sneakers to choose or what food to eat. But now that I’m in college the decisions aren’t as simple and is actually the reason I’m here writing this to you. The decision to what to major in? I mean I guess a lot of people have a problem decided but for me I want to make a decision soon. What scares me is falling into the pit of my family members. For example I know people who still live with their parents and have a minimum wage job, they say they want to one thing and they go to college and drop out, then it becomes a continuos cycle. But can you blame someone who wasn’t exposed to anything different for falling in that pit. I don’t really travel much so how would I know I want a job that requires traveling. I don’t have any writers or teachers in my family who can tell me about their experiences and inspire me to seek out a specific job

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