Our Story: Harassed by a sadistic psychopath in Panama

July 31st, 2018. Bocas del Toro, Panama

Our story began on April 29th 2015 when a person named Jim Schmidt via a common acquaintance approached us to be the care takers of his house located next to our newly purchased parcel where we are building ourselves a small home and permaculture garden with our two children.

At the time it seem like a good idea since we will soon start to build our homestead and it was the closest we could be to our property saving us money on transportation to the island.

Upon first inspection we knew the house needed many repairs to be habitable again, so we contacted Jim to make sure he will cover the the cost of the repairs since they were beyond the scope of what a house-sitter arrangement would include.

For years and on many communications, he promised to either send someone to make the repairs or reimburse us for it. So we took his word and continued bringing the house back to life.

We gathered several quotes from local companies which we provided to Jim and months went by without any positive response from Jim, so we decided to make some repairs ourselves to at least at least make the house more livable.

The empty promises

Almost 2 years later Jim decided to send someone to repair the damaged roof, which by then was fixed at our own expense. An the power inverter replaced as well.

Before and after photos



The remarks from the inspector sent by Jim

Jim´s Abandoned and aggressive dogs

Several months after we started house-sitting Jim´s house, one day two dogs came out of the jungle. Having never any mention from Jim that he left two dogs loose on the island, we decided to feed them and care for them, we named them Pancho and Gaza. One day on an email to Jim we mentioned that two dogs appeared out of the jungle: at which point and to our surprise, he mentioned ¨they might be mine¨

We continue taking care of the dogs for several years… We fed them twice a day, gave them parasite medicine, took their ticks out and gave them love as if they were our own; one day both dogs started to kill small wild animals, then our chickens (11 of them), our ducks (4), 1 bunny and attacked our cat which survived but at the time was pregnant and gave birth to two dead kitties; at that point we contacted Jim and ask him to try to find the dogs a new home as they were getting aggressive and were causing trouble with the neighbors.

After receiving numerous complaints from neighbors and loosing almost every animal we had we decided to stop feeding the dogs in hopes they go away. After-all the dogs were abandoned by Jim and they were never part of our house sitting arrangement. They were Jungle dogs by then and would spends days at the house and days gone in the jungle. After we stop feeding them they stared to come less often until they didn't return.

Many dogs have come and go before, it seems like a common scenario in Bocas where people get pets and then leave and they are just left behind without food, water or shelter. Naturally they start hunting wild animal and dig thru peoples trash to survive.

Jim in one of his many Facebook attacks against our family, claims we have killed his dogs. Although we suggested they be humanly put to sleep since they were old and aggressive and nobody would take them, we have never done no harm to the dogs! We are dog lovers ourselves and had dogs our whole lives, including now; we would never do anything to harm any animal. But in the same way we are dog lovers we are also animal lovers, and these two dogs were killing anything on their way, and causing great damage to the ecosystem, not only to feed themselves, as the would leave dead critters at our door step almost every other day, but would not eat them.

The facebook comments posted by Jim sparked hatred amongst Jim´s Facebook friends who responded with outrageous wishes of harm to our family. Suggesting we should be waterboarded and drowned, maybe 5 times a week, or perhaps 100 according to Jim.

It turns out people really love their pets… but let children drown of-course!

Threats and city official and inspections

In the course of a week we received visits from: Inmigration, the municipal engineers office, the tourism authority, naval police, policia de turismo, ministerio de comercio e industria , caja de seguro social, the correjidor of Bocas, la corregidora de turno de bastimentos and the mayor. All at the request of Jim Schimdt under false accusations.

Ex-Army intimidators for hire

On March 21st, 2018 at 1pm two ¨ex-army problem solvers for hire¨as they called themselves showed up to the house, claiming they had the right to barge in and do as they pleased and they were going to take an old skiff which we were told by Jim we could repair and use.

We told them, we had called the police and if they wish they could wait until they arrived. At which point one of them said: ¨You can call all you want, they are not coming¨ We indeed had to call so many times, and message everyone we know to also call in; until they showed up more than 2 and a half hours later.

Luckily the police quickly escorted both individual away.


Other victims of Jim

It appears our family is not the only one getting bullied around, lied to, cheated, scammed, robbed or harassed by this individual. We found several posts on one of the local facebook groups and pages where several other people describe having the same foul experiences with Jim.

What is his motive?

We initially tough that Jims attacks were solely vindictive and personal and that he simply wanted to get his newly remodeled house back without paying. At one point we decided we did not care anymore about any reimbursement and that our peace and health was more important than any money in the world; and just wanted this bully off our lives!

We told Jim we would leave the house by June 15th, 2018 and we will leave all the improvements, including the solar inverter which he promised to reimburse us for, a new septic system and many other improvements made to the house.

But it seems as the more you comply with his demands, the more entitled he feels of demanding more. He wanted our power tools, our generator, our appliances, even our bed linens. He also claims there were missing appliances which never existed in the first place.

At Jims request we put together an agreement which was signed in front of the notary in which a list of contents were outlined and agreed upon, he also agreed to never contacting us again or mention us again on facebook or any other medium or make any more threats.

Not even a couple weeks passed by since we moved out and we were already receiving malicious emails from Jim falsely accusing us of vandalizing his house and taking things that supposedly belong to him! And therefore breaking the agreement we singed just weeks earlier. 
I responded to his email and proceed to block him to stop receiving his treats, and decided to ignore Jim, at which point he started posting the same sort of ill intended and false accusations all over facebook groups.

“… the associations between sadism and GAIT (Global Assessment of Internet Trolling) scores were so strong that it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists.”

The Agreement

Closing remarks

So far we have chosen to mainly ignore Jims malicious comments. But we had enough public humiliation and harassment. Unfortunately, some people just believe anything the read, regardless of facts. We feel the need to tell our side of the story, and hope that this serves a purpose to other people who had the same experience or those who may cross Jim´s path; to avoid this individual, and give them encouragement to denounce this bully with the authorities.

We understand people who make threats usually will not take any action; nevertheless you never know what to expect from a psychopath, we live only a trail away from this person and we are afraid for our family and what he could do.

We have opted to write this story because we have tried every other means within our reach. Unfortunately the Panamanian legal system is not as efficient as one would wish it to be, and only benefits those which have the means ($) to be benefited.

¨Unless he actually does something to you or your family we can not do anything¨

As any parent can agree, one cannot allow for ¨something to happen¨ to take action and protect one´s family.

Those who know who we are will know his remarks are untrue, and those who wish to believe his malicious gossip belong in the same institution.

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. — George Bernard Shaw -

If you wish to help or have been affected by Jim

Please report this person to the local authorities, the American embassy, report him on the facebook groups or anywhere else you can.

Help us keep our beloved Bocas community and the online community clean of individuals like this.

Places to report:

U.S. Embassy Panama City
Building 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Avenue
Clayton, Panama
Phone: (507) 317–5000 (ask for Ariel Wells)
Email: panamaweb@state.gov

Alcaldia de Bocas del Toro
+507 757–9940
Calle Principal, Isla Colón.

Casa de Justicia, Comunitaria de Bastimentos (ex corregiduria)
Location: Frente al muelle principal al lado de la policia

Federal Trade Commission 

Internet Crime Complaint center

Crime Stoppers international

Facebook (report bulling or harassment )

Although parts of conversations were removed from their original context in an effort to keep this post as concise as possible, this does not alter the facts in any way, all comments on this post are true and original without any modifications, except the blurring of personal information. All original posts still reside on the cloud except for those that have been reported and deleted by Facebook or the users who posted them.

Out of respect to those who do not wish to be mentioned, we have blurred all names, usernames, locations, signatures and any other personal information.

Police reports and filings

We have filed numerous reports with the authorities against Jim and his aggressors, if you are too a victim of Jims´ ill intents please report him to the authorities.

From Jims Own blog

Below you will find clipping from Jims own blog. To read the full stories you can visit the links below:

If the above page get deleted, you can access the ¨web archive version of the page¨ by following the link below


Update 7/28/2018: On the same day when Jim Schimdt posted several malicious gossip about our family all over facebook groups, we receive this email from him regarding one of the dogs he accused us of killing:

August 2nd 2018:
More intimidation emails from Jim

August 6th 2018: 
More threats and name-calling via email from Jim

August 12th, 2018:

August 2nd: More intimidation emails from Jim Schimdt

Update: September 10th, 2018.

Another attack from Jim’s best friend Chris Tayo, publicly accusing us on the public bocas forum, and followed by a nasty message on messenger. The post has been deleted by the admin, we did not get a chance to make a screenshot.

Dear Chris: we know that word “Where we come from” , do you know this one?….. Racist!

More random none-sense from Jim:


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