Ena Valikov
Feb 26, 2018 · 1 min read

Dear Stephan. Whatever the current crisis in your life, let me assure you I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I have no contact with any of the people in your blog, and as you obviously know — have had you blocked for ages. But thanks for memorializing the cyberattack and libel campaign by you, Kevin Folta, GMOLOL — the vile Monsanto mob, who is so morally bankrupt that they dared to trivialize the suffering of millions of Jews starved, experimented on and killed in gas chambers in the Holocaust to sell GMO garbage. It doesn’t get lower than that — calling you all Walmart trash for exploiting the Holocaust was much too generous and kind of me. That level of moral decay and depravity actually put you in league with the Nazis.

But to reiterate, none of the people in your blog post and I have anything to do with each other. Please abstain from logical mistake of false association and further attempts to embroil me in your dramas with Joan and the rest of the clowns in your blog post — they have absolutely nothing to do with me.

Thank you,

And best wishes to all of you.