11th Nov, 2014,

An ICT firm deployed a student report management solution and being an ICT staff of the school, I was to serve as an intermediary to ensure that it was efficient and more importantly robust enough to meet the expectations and the needs of the school.

I will just give you a minimized version of my experience after this deployment as i figure you might not have so much screen time for stories without a line programming syntax.

It was a big secondary school with about ten dozens of teaching staff and they all had been given a deadline for the submission of their student’s scores.

Day one(1) of score entry saw colonies of staff troop towards the ICT department to make use of the web application and suddenly murmuring graduating into uproars were different complaints from the teacher about the software’s inefficiency. Time was of the essence and the complaints were mostly different for each staff so I figured a quick and organised way to get their feedback and forwarded it to the firm.
I sent a form to all teachers to give details on the type of problems they were facing, it was filled and forwarded to the ICT firm via email.

Two days later, the firm came to the school and replaced the software with a new one which had the feedback implemented.

I redistributed same form i gave earlier to the teachers for further feedback concerning the new software deployment and repeated the process until the software was perfect for use.

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