I could really use a precise Voice to text right now, The road so far has been hazy. But believe me it would have been so much fun if light and internet were no challenges plus if this was all happening back in Jos.

I get to publish these posts per line cos i wouldnt know when these network busters will come knocking again.

I had to walk down nooks and crannies of shanghisha in search for a 1kbps network to finish this post.

Writing Algorithm is always interesting for me but it’s another thing entirely to pass a test you know nothing about(invisible test), it’s like role playing the movie “Exams” in real life people could get hurt. Yeah people like chrome v58.0….when we begin say stuff like <class Car()> in the dialect of ES6.

I learnt a few stuffs today, Filters was salvation from my Python folks who might want to boast about “sets” available to them.

I had to find and delete a .git folder today, it was fun. I wish I had more time with that SIMPLE HTML UI project I really love bootstraps growth mindset, you hardly get negative feedback from her on the browser.

I could talk all evening but coding calls, I guess i’ll see you at HALMO Place via Google maps tomorrow.

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