“Vidme” category videos will no longer be a part of the hot feed
Alex Benzer

Hey Vidme team, thank you for this change. I really disliked the culture wave of people discussing drama within their own echo chamber, and it worried me in regards to the future of the platform. So, thank you, sincerely.

Alex, you referenced Vidme as a place to “publish your art”. This is what I hope Vidme can be the best platform for. Right now, the features offered are getting closer, but not there yet. For the future, I am hoping for technical features like 4k, exhaustive analytics, and adaptive mobile video scaling. But for right now, I would ask for a place for traditional filmmaking. A category for film is something I requested back when I joined, and Vidme has come a long way in that short time. I feel this is a simple addition will go a long way toward making this platform more friendly to filmmakers like myself, as right now there isn’t really a category for my content. I want to help grow the platform, but it would just be nice to have a space for my content.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

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