I love how triggered liberals are by the common sense health care reforms proposed by the GOP…
William Michael

William, you disingenuous shill: insurance is about healthy people paying for the sick, and you know it.

If the right wing were half as enthusiastic about destroying THAT corrupt system as they are about smashing democracy, they might actually earn the pay they suck from our wallets.

But, yeah — tell us more about how we should instead pay for your weapons, your viagra, your wall, and government salaries. Tell us how we should pay for Trump to fly to Mar-A-Lago to exploit the presidency, enrich his personal coffers (gotta pay those Russian & Chinese Banks back! :D ), watch lots of TV, rant about SNL skits & obsess about every petty slight. Tell us how taxpayers should pay the GOP to legislate bigotry.

Tell us how we should pay President Bannon to give Evola’s ideologies another try. Maybe this time those racist & misogynist ideas won’t — how’d Bannon put it-? — “metastasize into Fascism [the way they did under Mussolini]..”

The right loves to talk about “common sense” as if there’s anything sensible about paying politicians to get huge kickbacks from the insurance/oil/weapons industries — at the expense of the constituents they’re supposed to represent.

Sensible taxpayers would be telling Melania “oh, sorry — -Donald triggers you, so you can’t live with him — ? Too bad, why should we pay for you to put off getting a divorce? Why are we on the hook for the costs of the extra Secret Service security details — ? You & Donnie Dearest just need to pull yourselves up with those bootstraps, suck it up, and stop being sensitive snowflakes! Living separately is your choice, so pay for it yourselves!”

But then, sensible taxpayers would be reminding the current administration that taking care of the less fortunate is an insurance policy against the less fortunate mobilizing against you.

The left is getting tired of subsidizing corporate welfare and weapons dealers, I know that f0r sure.

I’d say, “Let’s see how it goes next election, shall we-?”, but the crooked GOP has gotten pretty good at disenfranchising Dem voters, hasn’t it — ?

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