Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution (Updated)
Sara Benincasa

Sorry but, except as an expression of emotion, there is nothing of merit here. Does anyone think that a “medical advisory” message about guns (for which TV advertising has been illegal pretty much forever anyways, duh) will make a difference? Trust me, people already know guns can kill you. Ditto a buyback program — are there millions of Americans trying to get rid of their pesky guns but can’t find a willing buyer? Nope. They bought them because they wanted them. The black market would supply street criminals with weapons exactly as it does with drugs, as the author almost admits. I’m not a gun advocate — I would LOVE to see every gun in America gone. But these ideas, even if implemented, wouldn’t make a difference. The only thing that would, possibly, is amending the constitution and regulating them as the dangerous things that they are. And even that would not be 100% effective in ending gun violence.