The Adventure

Emmett Naughton
Mar 20, 2019 · 2 min read

My adventure into coding started two years ago. I was working as a janitor at my local hospital, where I was able to listen to podcasts while I worked. I came across The Code Newbie Podcast. This podcast told the stories of many people like myself who were ready for a change.

This got me thinking, I can’t quit my job but I can teach myself to code in my limited free time. I started learning, using the free resources out there. I spent about 6 months using those, then I got stuck. I could not code without a video or somebodies code next to me to hold my hand. I felt like an imposter stuck in tutorial hell.

Flashback (2015)

I was working with a guy who was planning to go back to school for Computer Science. He mentioned TeamTreehouse.Com (He is now a software engineer at a company in Burlington, VT).

June 20, 2017

I started learning on my own for free. I started bringing my laptop to work for my lunch breaks, working on tutorials and learning as much as I could. I got stuck in tutorial hell. I needed my hand held to work through some projects, by using code along videos. I almost gave up on coding in November of 2017.

December 19, 2017

I signed up for Treehouse! I started getting more involved in the Dev Community via Twitter. Shortly after this my family got some amazing news! We would be welcoming our second child in September 2018.

I would have to work extra hard and try and maintain some daily discipline with a new baby on the way. I became more active on twitter and listening to 6–7 hours of podcasts a day.

May 30, 2018

I get an email, from somebody I respect. I remember not being able to sleep that night because of how excited I was about the opportunity. We set up a monthly call.

July 2018

I started Treehouse’s Full Stack JavaScript Tech Degree. September was coming quick, I knew I would have to work hard. I finished the first three projects before my son was born.

March 2019

I have started my first day shift job! I have started getting up at 4:30am (Ryan Carson is the inspiration behind this) to get work done. Still working hard to get my first developer job by building my portfolio.


Would love to hear about your Coding Adventure/Journey. What are you working on?

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