Discover The Secret To Error-Free Blockchain Code — Quantstamp

Learn how you can eliminate errors, paradoxes, and logic loopholes from Quantstamp — the world’s foremost blockchain security experts

While blockchain is often touted as the very last word in creating unhackable ecosystems, the evolution of decentralized applications and smart contracts has created the potential for security loopholes. In an ideal world, every smart contract is perfectly coded and flawlessly executes its intended function. But unfortunately for many, we don’t quite live in programming utopia.

So what’s the solution to badly-written smart contracts that sabotage your project goals? Quantstamp — a Y Combinator-backed blockchain security company with a unique twist.

Founded by a highly experienced collective of security experts, decentralization scholars, and tech innovators, Quantstamp envisages a blockchain protocol that allows any organization to effortlessly audit their smart contracts.

Does it work? Well, to date, Quantstamp has secured more than $100 million in audited smart contracts and helped solve challenges with over 100 tokens on Binance. The firm has effectively created the first blockchain security auditing platform and they’re coming over to the International Blockchain Congress to help you fine tune your code.

Join Krishna Sriram, the Head of Global Partnerships at Quantstamp, in a panel discussion on ‘Emerging Blockchain Technology & Security’ and discover the most effective ways to troubleshoot smart contracts on any platform.

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Blockchain in India is growing at a rapid pace and there is a wide knowledge gap between technologists, business leaders, and government regulators. The International Blockchain Congress is designed to bridge this gap through meaningful dialogue and collaboration, while providing entrepreneurs, tech experts, and investors with a forum to exchange ideas and forge partnerships.

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