Ever Wonder How To Mitigate Risk On Your Crypto Holdings? Talal Tabbaa Has All The Answers

Discover new paradigms of risk management and learn how you can decentralize your traditional assets with the COO of Jibrel Network

Every crypto-investor approaches a new investment with a mixture of optimism and a deeply hidden fear of losing it all. This is especially true when you consider the sheer volatility of the unregulated crypto-markets — while 300% gains are spectacular, 95% losses aren’t uncommon.

Saving the day for investors who are uncomfortable around market swing, is Jibrel Network — a cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol that facilitates trading and storing of traditional assets on a decentralized platform.

The core concept behind Jibrel Network is to help risk-averse traders add digital currencies to their portfolios by injecting a series of stable coins into the market. Jibrel’s work has been unprecedented in the crypto industry and seeks to bridge the gulf between traditional financial instruments (like stocks, bonds, fiat currencies, etc.,) and the blockchain-powered markets. Using Jibrel, users can both transact with tokenized instruments and hedge their risk in crypto-markets.

And they’re sending their co-founder and COO, the celebrated Talal Tabbaa, to the first edition of the International Blockchain Congress.

Having spent years in high-level positions within the defence, logistics, and management consulting industries, Tabbaa has made a successful pivot to blockchain and is now heading a globally-renowned project. If you’d like to learn how to safeguard your holdings, whether in crypto or otherwise, Talal Tabbaa is the man to engage with. Catch him taking the stage to share his perspectives on how you can mitigate your investment risk.

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A landmark event in the history of decentralization technology, the International Blockchain Congress is the first to bring government regulators, tech titans, and blockchain leaders together under one roof. Besides pioneering a complete regulatory framework for blockchain in India, the event also serves as a portal for greater collaboration among technologists, business stalwarts, and policy makers.

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