Help Blockchain Empower The World With Jaron Lukasiewicz At The International Blockchain Congress

Blockchain initiatives that want to improve people’s lives and are strongly oriented towards social paradigms have a friend in the CEO of Autonomos Capital

Convinced that your project will make a global difference? Having a hard time finding backers?

Autonomos Capital is a blockchain investment advisory and investment firm that’s always on the lookout for the next world-changing blockchain project or concept. Headquartered in Las Vegas, the company makes it a point to support viable blockchain initiatives that are looking to make a positive impact for future generations.

This socially-oriented view toward investment can be attributed directly to the organization’s founder — Jaron Lukasiewicz.

Lukasiewicz early years were spent cutting his teeth in the private equity sector, at the vaunted CapStreet Group.

Having made his fortune in by supporting some of the largest cryptocurrency projects in the world, the entrepreneur went on to found Coinsetter, one of the earliest crypto-exchanges in North America. After a successful exit, he then launched Autonomos Capital — the investment firm with a mission to improve the world, through socially impactful blockchain projects.

Today, Lukasiewicz spends much of his time scouring blockchain labs and tech accelerators for projects that have world-changing potential, helping them get off the ground and into the market.

On Aug 3rd & 4th, this serial entrepreneur will be descending on Hyderabad to discover whether India can offer him the right kinds of initiatives. If you think your project has the right chops, come over the International Blockchain congress, where you’ll have a chance to meet with Lukasiewicz and discuss the potential of your ideas.

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The International Blockchain Congress is the first event in India that seeks to achieve a synergy between government regulators and blockchain stalwarts from around the world. By building a platform for discussion and affirmative action, we hope to help India tap into the power of blockchain and pioneer new developments in decentralization.

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