Holding significant crypto assets? You will need Altonomy

Meet Bo Dong from Altonomy at the International Blockchain Congress for the best crypto asset management advice.

For most first time ICO campaigners, between managing community management, fundraising, product development and marketing, there is very little time left to think about asset management. Millions of dollars are raised in Ether and it’s only after the ICO that the bitter truth of market volatility and financial management hits the team. Without prior finance knowledge, it’s next to impossible to navigate the tumultuous crypto seas.

Altonomy emerged from the people who worked at one of the Asia’s biggest crypto fund, FBG Capital. The team of Bo Dong, Yikun Sun and Ricky Li started Altonomy with providing crypto traders and blockchain company with much needed liquidity advice and asset management services. The company will be launching their products and services to the Indian audience at the International Blockchain Congress.

The team behind Altonomy are veteran traders, and over the past year, they have become market leader for liquidity management, crypto-to-crypto/crypto-to-fiat OTC trading as well as crypto asset management solutions. The team has developed proprietary trading algorithms and have direct partnerships with over 80 ICO project teams and investment funds, with 40+ clients ranking in the top 200 by market capitalization.

At the International Blockchain Congress, Bo Dong will speak with the audience at a keynote address and interact with the audience throughout the duration of the conference. Indian crypto traders and blockchain companies will benefit greatly from speaking with veteran financial managers, with expertise in handling crypto assets.

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