Attention..! Encrybit is Announcing the CryptoExchange Evaluation Survey Winner List

Encrybit Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey 2018 Winner Announcement Timeline

Yes, you read it right! We know it was going to commence after 15 days of Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation survey completion but here comes the Surprise Element!

First and foremost, we would like to thank again and again, the 10,003 participants whose contribution has made this survey a huge success.

To bring a twist,

We have decided to announce the name of 1300 lucky winners from today. Each day, 100 names will be declared on our bitcoin talk thread. Thus, within 13 days all the names of winning participants will be revealed.

Thus, you do not have to wait for 15 long days to know whether you have grabbed any reward or not.

We have added another twist to this ongoing action. Starting from today i.e. August 7th till 19th, only the names of winners will be revealed irrespective of their winning positions! Yes, this means that you’ll only get to know whether you are a winning participant of the survey or not.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Survey Evaluation 2018 Winner Announcement

To know whether you are receiving BTC, XRP or Encrybit tokens and that too how much, you’ll have to wait for the next schedule:

· 20th August — 6th to 16th winning positions

· 21st August — 4th and 5th winning positions

· 22nd August — 3rd winner

· 23rd August — 2nd winner

· 24th August — 1st winner

The 17th to 1300th winning positions will be receiving Encrybit tokens after the ICO end. The BTC and XRP reward winners will receive their reward on or before August 31st.

We’ll also declare the general survey insights meanwhile. And the detailed segment classified analysis will be published thereafter.

So, keep following our bitcoin talk thread to check the names! Moreover, you can view the newly added names here.

Good luck!

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