Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey Announcement by Encrybit

Encrybit’s 2nd Survey on Cryptocurrency Exchange — Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey
It’s Bigger and Better this time! Chance to Win up to $500 worth of BTC!!!

We know its jaw-dropping. However, that’s how we are — full of enthusiasm and surprises. Encrybit is back with a bang with another online survey. This time keeping it pretty simple in the form of multiple choice questions but giving us more profound insights into your trading preferences.

For the first time readers, Encrybit is an upcoming Cryptocurrency Exchange with an aim to ameliorate the current trading standards and scenarios. The present-day cryptocurrency exchanges are doing a good job, but there are some points/features uncovered which turns out to be troublesome for the traders. This was reflected in our first survey insights that the traders demand more than what they are receiving.

We are thrived to offer a real paradise in the form of an enhanced and safe trading platform which eliminates the need to worry about problems.

Moreover, to achieve this goal, it is very important to know what traders want and think. An online survey seems the best way!

About the Encrybit Second Survey

The first survey was regarding cryptocurrency exchanges issues and expectations with answers in long texts. In the second one, you’ll have to input a little and giving us more detailed information on what we are looking for.

With the massive success of our first survey, we have decided to collect exhaustive details on advanced cryptocurrency trading features, traders’ personal preferences and a little to test their knowledge on cryptocurrency and its trading. (Please don’t be offended with this one!)

This survey insight will also help us derive traders’ choices based on demographics. Thus, a final call to receive your options, feedback, demands in its purest form to present you with the most beautiful exchange to date.
That’s all about the purpose. Time to convey more factual details about the survey.

How is the survey going to be conducted?

Just like the previous one, via Google forms. The link will be shared soon. Stay connected.

What are the dates?

The survey will be live from July 17 to 27, 2018. Live Survey Link:

Who can participate?

Anyone with Cryptocurrency Trading Experience.

What type of questions will be there?

Multiple Choice Questions. (Please choose wisely. We expect 100% good selection as we are quite serious about our goal.)

Are there any rewards like the previous one?

Yes, of course. It’s much bigger and better than the first survey. Instead of top 3, we’ll be having a random selection of 1300 Winners. Yes, you read that right. You can read again for surety.

Revealing the Reward Structure… (Hold your breath.)

· 1st Winner — BTC worth $500

· 2nd Winner — BTC worth $300

· 3rd Winner — BTC worth $100

· 4th Winner — XRP worth $75

· 5th Winner — XRP worth $50

· 6th to 16th Winning positions — XRP worth $25 Each

· 17th to 1300th Winning positions — Encrybit token worth $15 Each

Isn’t that AMAZING?

Winners will be announced on our Twitter and Telegram channels. So, if you are not yet connected, hurry up!

What are the Rules?

Rules are same as the previous survey, copied here again:
• Mandatory to follow our Telegram & Twitter channel to receive the reward.
• Top 3 winning positions will have to share their BTC wallet address, 4th to 16th will have to share their XRP wallet address, and the rest will have to share their ERC20 MyEtherWallet address to receive the reward.
• BTC and XRP Rewards will be distributed within 30 days of survey completion.
• Encrybit token rewards will be distributed after successfully launch of ICO. (probably in next 3–5 months)
• All questions are mandatory.

Thus, a genuine appeal to all the readers to participate in the survey and share your earnest experience with us. We value your suggestions and are wanting to implement them in our upcoming project.

Please don’t choose the answers randomly, we are working hard and require a little contribution from your side. Moreover, in return, we’ll come up with the most promising Cryptocurrency Exchange to date.

Learn more details about the survey:

Survey timeline from start to end

1300 lucky winners announcement & Reward Distribution

Heart-Felt gratitude from all of us at Encrybit for your overwhelming support.
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