Encrybit A Thought of Cryptocurrency Traders

Do you know? 40% of the cryptocurrency crowd is insecure about the security of their funds on trading platforms. Have anyone ever imagined why 36% of the traders are concerned of liquidity issues and why 37% traders say that customer support is a nightmare on most of the cryptocurrency exchanges?

It seems like most of the traders are facing many issues where their emotions are crashed with the indecisive policies of current cryptocurrency exchanges.

We have carried out an extensive research to know the issues faced by the traders and their expectations from a cryptocurrency exchange. All the features being included in this modern exchange are based on the views and concerns of the traders as revealed in surveys organized by us. In all, there were 11k+ participants from almost 167 countries. These surveys indicated the issues and expectations of traders from a cryptocurrency trading exchange.

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Problems (https://encrybit.io/insights/crypto-exchange-problems.html)
  2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation (https://medium.com/@enbofficial/encrybit-cryptocurrency-exchange-evaluation-survey-2018-global-analysis-insights-b53c16abb106)

Encrybit is considering all the aspects, problems and expectations to provide a better and enhanced trading experience with its innovative and revolutionary modern trading concept. That’s why we say Encrybit is what envisioned by Traders because it involves their emotions here with Encrybit to solve what they are looking to be solved.

Based on the reviews we’re getting for Encrybit, 80% find this project to be unique and conceptual for traders. We got a chance to demonstrate Encrybit exchange prototype with more than 500 proficient traders and VC’s and we got 70% positive responses who are ready to invest time on this project.

Social Trading, Smart Alert, Crypto Radar, Broad Order Book, Coin Comparison, P/L Report are some of the features which will solve most of the issues we came to know from the surveys in the market. And yes, Demo trading which will help users to self-learn and make trading strategies. In a nutshell, the functions and features we’re including are supportive and useful for every type of traders (VC’s, Professional & Beginners).

A trading exchange needs a key element to manage and maintain its operations; therefore, Encrybit is introducing its own token “ENCX”. It will be utilized to administrate the exchange operations with multiple uses in various tasks and fees. ENCX will also determine the exchange revenue model with trading, coin listing, and various other activities.

We’ll be having three important activities for increasing the demand of ENCX token.

  1. ENCX can be utilized to get a 50% discount on trading fee, which will surely provide relief to the traders from high trading fees being charged by other exchanges. Encrybit’s initial trading fee is very minimal, which is 0.1% and after utilizing ENCX for a trading fee, it will be 0.05% per trade and that is simply awesome for traders.
  2. Every quarter, Encrybit will utilize 10% of its total profit to buy back the ENCX tokens from circulating supply. Burn process will be in action immediately after successful buyback every quarter.
  3. 40% of coin listing fee will be charged in ENCX.
  4. Encrybit will launch products and conduct more activities, which will involve the utilization of ENCX tokens.

It is a revolutionary trading platform with the ability to fetch the attention of the community, traders, and investors from around the globe.

Total supply is 270,000,000, circulating supply after the sale will be 172,800,000 and rate of ENCX is $0.2. 60% of the total supply is available for sale during Private, Pre and Public ICO.

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Private sale is taking place on 1st November 2018. Be the part of this revolutionary trading platform. Apply now at https://encrybit.io

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🔥 Special Discounts during Private Sale

It is obvious that investing in the private sale will let you have the tokens at a discounted rate and with Encrybit; this rate goes as high as 40%.

🖐Would like to know the Encrybit Exchange forecast document? Reach out to us at info@encrybit.com for further discussion. We will respond within 24 hours.

Total supply & allocation

✔️ Token Identifier — ENCX
✔️ Token type — ERC20 Utility
✔️ Total Token Supply — 270,000,000
✔️ Token Price — $0.2
✔️ Soft cap — 5.4 Million in USD
✔️ Hard Cap — 32.4 Million in USD

Encrybit team is passionate about the project and here is how the token allocation will work and funds will be invested in different sectors for Encrybit exchange formation.

Token Distribution
✔️ 50% Token for Sale
✔️ 2% Referral and Bounty
✔️ 2% Advisors
✔️ 11% Encrybit
✔️ 10% Founders
✔️ 10% Early Investors
✔️ 5% Team
✔️ 10% Ongoing Development Funds

Total Fund Allocation
✔️ 30% Development
✔️ 25% Marketing
✔️ 15% Administrator and Support
✔️ 13% Security and Audit
✔️ 2% Legal
✔️ 15% Reserve

👉 Encrybit Exchange Whitepaper Links: https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf

Exchange Prototype, pitch deck, and forecasting are ready, please reach out to us at info@encrybit.com to check out early contribution opportunities.