Encrybit is Glad to be Part of the 
Block Hedge Asia 3rd Edition as the 
Technical Sponsor

Encrybit is a Technical Sponsor at the 3rd Edition of Block Hedge Asia 2018

After the remarkable success at the World Blockchain Summit Singapore, we at Encrybit are all stacked up to attend the 3rd edition of Block Hedge Asia happening at Thailand.

Encrybit Team at World Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018

Encrybit always thinks a step ahead and so instead of being there as a visitor, we are the “Technical Sponsor” of the event. It’s a one-day event slated to happen on August 31, 2018 at Grand Hyatt, Erawan.

The representatives of Encrybit at the event will be:

Mr Jiten Rajput — Co-founder and CEO

Mr Yogesh Trivedi — Chief Operational Officer

Mr Pradeep Chaturvedi — Chief Product Officer

The members are extremely rhapsodic to attend such important events in two consecutive months.

A brief Introduction to Block Hedge

The main objective of Block Hedge is to focus on the practical approach of blockchain in the coming future. The reason behind choosing Thailand as their venue is that the country is the second most emerging blockchain hub after Singapore in South Asia.

Such extra-ordinary blockchain conferences provide a podium to share knowledge, focus on commercial practicality, create a network of blockchain enthusiasts and give them the opportunity to showcase their solution.

It’s a Themed Event

Yes! In order to impart an amazing experience to all the attendees, the organizers have decided upon a theme. No, it’s nothing related to costume or décor. It’s about the practical approach and preparing for the sale-ability of cryptocurrencies in the most optimal way.

What will it include?

As its sole purpose is to unleash the practical approach of blockchain, the happenings will more or less revolve around the same. It is now well accepted that blockchain isn’t limited to cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the technology of future and thus the key influences of blockchain ecosystem will impart their knowledge to unfold the practical possibilities. It would not be a one-way flow, one-to-one discussions and question-answer sessions are also scheduled.

Coming to the most widely used application of blockchain i.e. cryptocurrency. Investment in crypto and especially ICO is highly risk-taking. The event will impart knowledge on how to get through such complex situations successfully.

Just investing right is simply not the key. You’ve got to save yourself from security risks, cyber-attacks and gain maximum returns. The event has covered this aspect too!

A decent platform where all the latest happenings and development pertaining to blockchain will be showcased. Thus, you can gain in-depth knowledge about activities undertaking in the field of blockchain and also get noticed in front of the right audience.

What will be Encrybit’s Contribution to Block Hedge?

The co-founder Mr. Jiten Rajput says,

We are really excited to take part in such a remarkable event as technical sponsor. Apart from that, we’ll be presenting our modern cryptocurrency exchange platform — Encrybit to the investors, entrepreneurs and other attendees. This will help them to know about such a revolutionary exchange coming into existence which will solve the existing problems of cryptocurrency trading.

Thus, Encrybit team is going to perform a two-way role of imparting knowledge and gaining attention for the upcoming trading platform.

About Encrybit

Encrybit is based at Hong Kong, a forthcoming cryptocurrency exchange with an aim to raise the standard of existing trading process. We tend to present the crypto community with every component of cryptocurrency exchange enhanced to its core. Everything better with advanced trading features and that too without compromising on the user-friendliness of the interface.

What Next?

The bounty program is coming up in September. To be a part of it, join us on Twitter and Telegram. Private Sale of Encrybit tokens and Seed Investment also coming soon. To participate, register yourself at https://encrybit.io/#encrybit-form.

Stay in Touch with Encrybit at:

Website: https://encrybit.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enbofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encrybitofficial/

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