I truely love working on commission. When someone comes to me with an idea and we work out a mosaic piece together, it is so exciting. People often ask for subject matter I never would have done on my own.. such as a white Father Christmas. We wanted to make this piece unique, so I worked out a way to incorporate a lantern that is almost 3D and can be lit with a battery operated tealight. There are videos of this piece on my Facebook page and Instagram. I also found my way to “foamular” which is a wonderfully light dense foam perfect to use for backing.

I think people may be afraid to try commission. What if they don’t like the piece? Or the process is too stressful? I require half the cost up front, and some may be afraid to lose their deposit. However, if I can put those folks at ease.. even though I ask for a deposit, if we can’t agree on a design or if the process just isn’t working for my client, I will refund their entire deposit. Once the design is decided upon and the work begins, I ask for the balance. If at anytime after the piece is started the client changes their mind, or the process isn’t working for them, I will refund at least half of their investment.

I provide several sketches and work out changes so my client can feel secure about the design before we even begin. Luckily this process has worked every time. There have been many design changes; but in every case so far, my client and I have created beautiful work.

I make certain that my clients are completely satisfied with their piece at every stage of the process. They receive sketches, notes and ideas in the first draft, final sketches and notes for the final draft, photos ideas and suggestions as the piece is created and final approval before the piece is grouted. They know exactly what to expect and the cost is decided at the beginning. The only surprise is seeing the piece in person for the first time.

I have created gazing balls and garden art (one as a memorial), many house numbers with amazing subject matter, one of a kind animal portraiture and fanciful goddesses depicting the changing seasons. I also create art from broken dishes, china and keepsakes to honor those memories attached to them. So don’t throw away those broken treasures!

For that unique, one of a kind item.. the gift that has more meaning then can be easily expressed, please consider a mosaic piece. Im happy to talk about your ideas, I work within many budgets and It costs nothing at all to present an idea and get info. Please see my website, for photos of these pieces and more. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Please check back tomorrow for more pictures of the mosaic rocking horse I’m currently working on.

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