Let’s face it — sometimes we tend to get in a real rut of “why me”and “why is this happening?” I’m the first to admit that I used to get that way quite often. And it’s not to say that bad things, stressful and challenging things, even painful things have stopped occurring in my life. That’s definitely NOT the case. I say “used to” because I purposefully try to view things differently now — all because of a wonderful friend who gave me a very simple but powerful book to read.

So how many times have you said “if I can just make it through this?” Or how many times have you cried out and one time or another “why the heck is this happening to me or my loved one?” Or maybe you’ve been hooked on my favorite: “What did I do for this to happen?”

First of all, I had to realize that the world does NOT revolve around me. That one was a hard one to accept because dang it, I try to control things to make sure that nothing bad happens. It’s the producer in me that is always worried about the “what ifs” and making sure there is a back-up plan.

But guess what? Bad, challenging, painful things sometimes just happen so that you can be shaped and molded while you go through it in order to be stronger and better when you come out!! I do believe that everything that we endure has a life lesson in it. And I also believe that God places us in circumstances because we are supposed to endure it in order to strengthen our faith in Him and allow Him to do His work.

No — the world does not revolve around us. But God’s power and mercy does surround us. We just have to revolve our life, our world — our Him and know that when we go through something it will be better when we come out.

Think about it: I’ve endured two marriages to unfaithful men; had four miscarriages and lost twin daughters; battled and survived breast cancer; had two major back surgeris and begged to die due to the pain -and yet I’m still here! I’m stronger, better and more rooted in my faith than I ever would have been prior to going through those things.

Trust…..Pray…..Be Faithful…..Allow God to do His work.

And if you need a little help changing your perspective — read “The Red Sea Rules” by Robert J. Morgan. It’s a little book that helps you understand why you sometimes have to go through the fire so that the Lord brings you out!

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