The Enemy of Happiness
Jonas Salzgeber

Happiness lies in the small moments, like when you are hitting the roads alone at 5 am and you witness the sunrise, or when you are resting at the beach, waves hitting the shore, a wine glass in your hand and the sunset fills your thoughts with the glory of heaven colors. Happiness is a warm cup of coffee and a good conversation. Happiness is when you enjoy spending time with yourself, and you realize in those lonely hours that you truly are your best entertainment. Happiness is when you make someone laugh until their stomach hurts and they can’t keep their face straight. Happiness is when you reach that life goal you have been working so hard for. Happiness is when you applause yourself for that yoga pose, you thought you couldn’t do, or when you finish that marathon without passing out. Happiness is when you are cheered and appreciated. Happiness is when you bake the perfect cake and enjoy it while reading a good old book. Happiness is hidden in the simple life moments and it blooms just like that first flower of spring, time after time, just when you thought darkness would consume you, but you suddenly realize life is so beautiful!

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