Elevating The Movie Goer’s Experience

The beacon technology has been lingering out there for sometime now. But it’s now that people have started to notice it and people are noticing because brands are experimenting with it. From sectors like museums to movie theaters, brands are taking the customer experience to a whole new level. For businesses like movie theaters, beacon technology holds crazy high potential for improving the experiences of a captive audience.

Let’s take a look at how movie theaters can use beacon technology to its maximum potential.

Floor Map

Movie Theaters are huge and with all the crowd around, people tend to get confused and have to search for the refreshment counter, movie screens and restrooms. The floor map will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole movie theater and you can find the desired location with ease. The beacon placed at the entrance will trigger the app to generate the the floor map on the customers device.

Ticket booking

Remember the time when you had to stand in a queue for a last minute ticket booking and how you would wish that the line would move faster? Well, now there is a better option. In times like these, the beacon will trigger the app to display the movie suggestions on your device based on your preferences and likes . The customer can browse through the options and select the movie, suitable timings and seats . He will also recieve a notification in how much time the movie will be commencing.

Pre show experience

Its just not about the movie watching experience, but also about the pre show experience. Hence, movie theaters have found an interesting way. All you need to do is grab your phone and scan the movie poster. Next you know that the trailer of the movie poster you just scanned has popped up on your screen. You can keep yourself engaged by scanning several posters until the show begins.

Seat location and seat upgradation

Movie theaters are usually dimly lit and it gets difficult to navigate to your seat especially when the theater is crowded. So, the map displayed on your device via the app, will allow you to navigate to your seat. If you are a regular customer to the same movie theater , you will be given a seat upgradation based on the level of your reward points. You can either choose to upgrade your seat or choose to upgrade it on your next visit.


During the interval, the movie theaters can send offers and deals to the audience. The audience can use these deals and order food from the movie theater. The movie theater management can send deals to their privileged customers on the other movies that will be screening. Customers shouldn’t worry about getting a lot of content since, the theater management will be overseeing all the content that is being sent to the customers. Most important, the promotions will be sent only during the movie interval.

Reward programs

Can you recollect the reward points allocated to you by any entity? Some of you might, but most of you wont. Hence, when you enter the movie theater, the beacon will trigger the app to display your reward points you will get a glimpse of your reward points on your device via app. These points will be allocated to you for every movie you watch at that particular movie theater, refreshments bought and every social media share related to the theater brand. These points can be used as virtual currencies to get discounts on the next movie, to buy refreshments and seat upgradation.


To avoid chaos, once the movie has ended, the beacon will trigger the app to display a push notification displaying to which line is the shortest while exiting the theater hall.


Feedback forms are the age old way of collecting feedback. So, we bring to you the new and interesting trick to collect feedback using beacon technology. When the customers are exiting the theater, the beacon placed at the exit point will trigger the app to display a notification on the customers device asking their feedback on the overall everperinece.

Aversion of tragedy

In the advent of a tragedy, the beacon will guide the crowd to the nearest exit and notify which line is the shortest and guide towards safety.

A very good example of this beacon use case would be UK’s Odeon Cinema

The UK based cinema chain has adopted beacon technology to enhance its customer’s pre show experience. Movie goers can scan the poster of the upcoming movie and watch its trailer on their device or get directions to the restroom or any other special prices.

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