Google I/O 2015 — Key Highlights

Google’s annual I/O conference is one of the most anticipated events in the technology calendar and 2015’s event did not fail to amaze. From the launch of Android Pay to the latest developments in Google Cardboard, this year I/O, demonstrated as why Google has been one of the most innovative companies in the present world. For a quick glance on the key announcements by Google, read further.

Android M

Google has officially announced Android M as the next version of its operating system. 2014’s Android L preview, which eventually became Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has not yet granted Android M its delicious dessert name or version number. The features of the new OS include improved battery life, in app permissions, mobile payments, support for fingerprint sensors, custom chrome tabs and app links.

Google Now on Tap

Another exciting feature of Android M operating system is Now On Tap. The basic idea behind Google Now On Tap is to get access to information when you need it, without having to leave what you’re doing to go into Search.

Android Pay

The Android Pay platform, lets third party apps process in app payments and also in stores using Near Field Communication. You can authorize payments with your print if you have a fingerprint scanner.

Android Fingerprint recognition

Google has introduced a new standardized feature for fingerprint recognition replacing the need for third party solutions. Fingerprint recognition will be used to unlock devices using Android M and also for making payments.

Google Photos

The latest feature in Google photos is that it offers unlimited storage, backs up its pictures in timeline form. The pictures are backed up in a single place, accessible from any device, also they are auto synced to prevent loss.

Offline Maps

The new Google maps allows you to navigate without any internet connection. It also displays the nearby eating places, fuel stations etc.

Google’s Project Vault

Google wants to make your phone more secure without having to change the way manufactures make it. Recognized as big security, small package, project vault is a digital security system packed in a micro SD card which mobiles and computers recognize as a memory card. It helps protect the phone owner personal information.

Project Brillo

Google has introduced Internet of Things platform ‘Brillo’. Senior VP Sundar Pichai described it as “Android polished down, an end to end functioning system”. But it just isn’t Brillo, it’s also Weave, a communication layer that will enable IoT devices to communicate with each other, the cloud and your phone.

Android Wear

Android is broadening the notion in our mind about wearable to clothing. Two new initiatives, Project Solis and Project Jacquard whose sole aim is to reimagining touch gestures for devices and textiles respectively.

Google Cardboard and Jump

Google has revealed Jump, an open source VR platform, that includes plan for 16 camera array capable of filming 360 degree, 3-D pictures and videos.

Project FI

Project FI lets customers switch between best signals regardless of network, depending on their location, as well utilize free Wifi Hotspots, whenever possible.