Welcome to Contextual Computing with iBeacon.

Over the past few months you might have heard or come across the term beacon. Allow us to shed some light on it. Beacon is a new way to experience the world. It is a low power , low cost device that sends out signal to your phone when it is nearby.

But why does knowing about beacon matter? Because we can now deliver content and experience to users based on proximity to things in the physical world.

Beacon Basics

Lets start with a little bit of technical overview. The beacon works on Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) and iBeacon is its one kind specification. It is a technology used to transmit small piece of identity data over short distances. The beacon is powered by a small battery which can last up to two years even with continuous usage.

In order to receive a beacon notification, an app needs to be downloaded by the consumer. When phone comes into proximity of installed beacon, it immediately becomes aware about its presence and working with cloud services, it can precisely identify location with greater accuracy. The phone can display the pre designed message after recognising a specific bluetooth signal from beacon. Take a look at the pictures below to get a better idea.

Example of Contextual Interactions

You can see how the people are receiving reward points, reminders, getting to know about the indoor location and can also do contactless payment. Also through proximity marketing as you can see in the picture, the stores try to attract potential customers to increase footfalls.

Unlimited Possibilities across many Industries

Beacon technology might be the new kid on the block, but many organizations around the world have adopted it and benefitted hugely from it. Lets take a look at a few of them

International Music Festival Conference — IMFCON is the only conference in the world focusing primarily on music festivals. They draw out speakers , who discuss the ins and outs of the live industry. At such events , there is every possibility of tragedy occurring. To avert any mishaps, they deployed beacons so that if anything goes wrong, the people can get out safely by following the directions shown by the app. To know more visit https://twitter.com/IntlMusicFest

Woodland Centre for Education — MelbourneWoodland deployed beacons in their centre so that the parents could be a part of the child’s experience and the progress. The beacons allow the parents automatic check in and check out of the places where their child has been throughout the day.