Fouzia Azeem AKA Qandeel Baloch/QB

First lets get this out of the way. No one should condon her killing after all the monopoly over violence rests with State.

She is amongst the countless people in Pakistan who fall through the cracks of the failed democratic system in Pakistan. Lack of access to basic needs creates situation where people resort to whatever means to make up. The article that Sana penned called her working class heroine. This means, other questioned, that is she being put out as a role model?

The values that are being admired in her without questioning that is to what end? - is the problem. QB was no ‘feminist’ nor she promoted women rights, she simply understood that sex sells and she just got good at selling it, her media advisors educated her how to remain in limelight using sensational acts, every time more sensational than the last one. This sort of behaviour while condoned and promoted by a minority that dominate the media is largely abhorred by the society she belonged to.

Question: Is she a role model for women young or old?

The many admirable values Sana sights for her ‘heroine’ are common and found in many professions and people in Pakistan. The only reason QB becomes worthy for Western and affiliated media in Pakistan is because of the challenge to Islamic values e.g. that the women should be dressed up modestly when out in public or women should not be objectified and used as an object to sell products.

These incidents are something looked out for in the Muslim world since 911 / War of Terror. Find societal issues that exist due to failed democratic system/government > and then connect to Islam and > then condemned the Muslim world/Islam and > then repeat all over again.

Take the example of local gangster, his rise to the top, he may had to along the way show courage, while killing innocent people, extortion, shown management skills, perseverance, team management — are we then going to put this person out as a working class Hero and cite these values in him as role model? Media knows full well who to promote and who to put down?

You can take the same example of a prostitute or a robber, a white collar criminal— all these characters while doing abhorrent crimes were putting food on the table, sending their kids to school and their parents and partners pined for them if they end up dead. So what? They should be condemned and remembered for their crimes and criminal goals i.e. for what they used their skills for NOT put out as role models or heroins.

If anyone is to be blamed then it is the system in Pakistan that has utterly failed to provide basic needs to people like education, jobs and entrepreneurship — resulting in breakdown of law and order — leading to compromised personalities like QB.