Pakistan and US-Indian Alliance

Pakistan, India and China

United States uses Pakistan for a tight embrace with India. In US-India relations Pakistan is the trump card. To push India into US arms, US has promised to India that they will free up their 600,000 Armed personal stuck in Kashmir by delivering Kashmir issue resolution. In return India will act as a close partner to US in the region to contain China.

Without Pakistan as the trump card there is no attraction in India to be a key ally of US and pick a fight with Beijing. Everything else US can offer to India is of secondary value.

US equally is worried that if they delivered Kashmir to India then India may still not play ball with US so US still needs Pakistan as a stick to beat India with. This means that Pakistan can only be weakened only to a degree but shouldn't become a client state to India and remains in US orbit.

There is more that can be written in how US managed this region with US occupation in Afghanistan and US desire to manoeuvre this region where China, India and Pakistan act as various degrees of Power and US tries to manage this region’s rising powers e.g. China.

So US needs to do a masterclass statecraft job in this region to make sure they execute their foreign policy in this region in a manner that delivers an edge to them while keeping a balance. Threaten Pakistan with India and Afghanistan, threaten India with Pakistan and rising China and threaten China with India in the south and Japan/S.Korea etc in the West.

What if Pakistan don’t play ball with US and chart a different Pakistan to US interest in the region. Where then US stands?…