The desire for change and failed methods

When we talk about change we are talking about political change— they are of two kinds — the ones which lead to reform of the current system or the one that leads to revolutionary change i.e. replacing one system with another — that is an Epoch change. Usually the second option is taken when there is NO hope left in the current system not even for a reform. When it comes to epoch changes then following methods of change will never work. These methods are only good when trying to reform an existing system.

Failed methods

  1. Trying to reform e.g. education system

Trying to do the government/system job as an individual. Stop doing it and hold the government to task. No matter how good you are you are not going to be able to teach the whole nation. Let national curriculum do it.

2. Focusing on individuals

Society is not made up of just individuals. You understood society incorrectly hence you focus on reforming the individual thinking collection of reformed individuals is actually going to change the society. Society has other elements e.g. a government over it, with a system — with elements such as media, police, judiciary at its disposal.

3. Trying to do welfare work like opening charity hospitals

As in the case of education — thats not your job. If you want good hospitals — get the government to do it. If your government cant do it — then replace them.

4. Waiting for the Hero

Someone else would do it, someone with more knowledge, money and power. Well that individual is YOU. Get the HERO in you to start working politically.

5. Picking up arms

That thinking that government is too corrupt so i should kill all the officials of the state. That is called terrorism and you unless have a backing of another State cant do it, and even if you have backing of another State, that backing will earn you the title of foreign agent or traitor and think about it if you do terrorism what stops the government from using one of her agencies to plant few bombs and get your group to take responsibility? an obscure email to news outlets will do just that. So overtime you will loose support of the exact people you want to govern over as well as not making many friends.

6. Participate in the current system with the hope to reform it

you only started thinking the way you think because you lost hope in the current system. If you want to jump in the dirty pool in the hope of reforming it — before you know you will be dirty yourself

Are there more failed styles that people use? and what is the way forward in countries like Pakistan and much of ME?

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