The Next Phase — Pakistan, Afghanistan and United States

Toady there was a rally in Lahore and major billboards and banners appeared up across the city along the same lines which were put up for Raheel Sharif asking him to not leave the COAS role. Everyone in Pakistan knows who can put up such flexes and banners on main roads :)

The photo says “No More America. Enemy instead of a friend, Threat instead of acceptance, US has challenged an Islamic Nuclear Power. One Nation One Voice — Demonstration”

While listening to Kamran Bokhari of geopolitical future commenting on “US and Pakistani Relations and Impacts in South Asia” He said that those days are long gone when Pakistan used to say to Taliban: Jump and they used to respond- how high Sir?

This is certainly true. Pakistan leverage over the Taliban in Afghanistan has seen constant deterioration since Musharraf sold them to Americans and the same is true regarding PK prestige in the eyes of Kashmiri Mujahideen

The Indian role has not really worked out for US and US is now willing to give Pakistan a greater role in Afghanistan in return of getting Taliban to the negotiation table. Problem is that Taliban do not think much of Pakistani government / establishment who they consider as agents of Americans.

US to execute next phase is going to create a fake situation between Pakistan and US and the government in Islamabad is going to use angry statements and events like above to demonstrate to Taliban that we are like you against the Americans and as a result you should work with us and listen to us.

So the time will tell if the Talibans learnt their lessons and not believe the Pakistani government or they going to fall for the trap.

As far as Pakistani government / establishment goes — there is nothing they have shown which demonstrate that they are in any way against United States policies. The mega embassy and consulates are still there and ambassadors and consulates are working fine.