You’re reading shabby online articles about how to be like somebody else. Do you think Steve Jobs did that?
How to be like Steve Ballmer
David Barnes

Actually, it is well documented that most visionaries studied scrupulously the lives and workings of their heros.
It seems to comfort those with little confidence in their aptitudes to give in to the idea that because they are reading “how to be like X”, they can finally accept that they are not worthy and abandon the massive undertaking of aiming to reach such success.
Steve Jobs may not have read articles claiming to teach “how to be like X”, because that kind of cheesiness wasn’t around in his time. But he definitely read a ton of literature about what or who he wanted to be: works on Buddhist philosophy, King Lear, Autobiography of a Yogi and Be Here Now. There is infinite analogy between such writings and “how to be like X”.
When searching for direction, the most logical thing to do, and, as a matter of fact, the only thing to do, is to look at where you want to be. It is human instinct. Every single human being did, does and will do it.

Steve Jobs was no different and claiming he was only widens the chasm people have between what they believe they can achieve and what they can’t. He is not a deity. He was a human who understood Man’s potential.