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ENCRY is a multi-disciplined international holding company specializing in the creation of high-tech products in the telecommunications field, as well as decentralized and distributed services.

Hackernoon team has interviewed ENCRY’s founder Roman Nekrasov and the technical director Andrei Chmora about the implication of blockchain in the telecom industry and how ENCRY’s developments can drastically improve the security of users on the Internet.

- How did you start working with decentralized technologies?

Andrei Chmora:

Cryptography has been in the field of my scientific interests since the beginning of the 90s. Prior to that, I was working with algebraic codes and was partially in touch with tasks that were related to cryptography, but directly I began to deal with this issue in the 90s. The first surge of interest in cryptography arose in the world at that time due to the development of payment systems and electronic cash, but it was Satoshi Nakamoto, who later managed to formalize the existing technologies into one coherent system. For its time, it became unique because it managed to create a consistent concept and apply well-known cryptographic solutions correctly. …


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