Digital certificates are one of the most commonly known auxiliary tools that help protect data across public networks. However, the key disadvantage of this technology is also commonly known: users are forced to implicitly trust certification authorities which issue digital certificates.

Andrei Chmora, Technology and Innovations Director at ENCRY, suggested a new approach for building a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to eliminate the existing disadvantages using the distributed ledger (blockchain) technology.
Let’s begin with the basics.

  • What are digital signatures and digital certificates?
  • Who issues digital certificates?
  • What are disadvantages of PKI?
  • How to eliminate these disadvantages?
  • What solution for current drawbacks of PKI does our team offer?

Read on our blog on Habr for more:

We are very excited to present our first public version of Encry blockchain on TestNet. Even though it is our first public release, we have already implemented the following list of features:

- Consensus via memory-hard Proof-of-Work (PoW) function Equihash;
- Scripting language (non-Turing complete smart contracts);
- Transaction validation;
- Transactional system…


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