Facebook Messenger gets encrypted.

So I went into Facebook Messenger app today to see a new conversation with my friend and I was greeted with the above image (excuse my attempt of covering their name and image).

Facebook Messenger now has an “encrypted conversion” option. Me personally, I don’t buy it, and nor does my friend.

I guess we just believe that Facebook providing encryption is like saying Windows is good for hacking.. it’s just.. no. No.

You also have the ability to straight up see you encryption key, meaning anyone who gets into your messenger, or your Facebook, can see your (and your friends) key. Also Facebook more than likely have the ability to see your encryption key whenever they please. I wonder if it’s even encrypted at this point.

Me personally I’ll be sticking to my preferred encrypted messaging apps and be staying away from Facebook’s attempt. I mean I praise them for considering privacy however I feel it’s best to stay away still, as they can more than likely read your messages no matter what they advertise.

What are your opinions on this? Will you be using Facebook’s encrypted conversation feature? Let me know what you think.

- Sin_G