Blockchain Leadership Summit

The last week of November was rich in communication and meetings. The EncryptoTel team participated in one of the largest technology conferences held in Switzerland.

We had two days of interesting conversations with blockchain and fintech experts from around the world. We talked about our progress in building the world’s first telecommunications platform based on the blockchain technology, discussed security issues with other developers, sharing our vision on how blockchain will change the future of the telecommunications market and how quickly this technology will spread.

Roman Nekrasov, CEO of EncryptoTel, led our team at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Basel.

“You can think for months trying to solve a particular issue alone, and you can arrange a brainstorm with developers who are just as passionate about their work and find the same answer in a couple of days. That’s why we participate in international conferences in different parts of the world,” Roman said. “The fact that at such events we can talk about EncryptoTel platform with representatives of governments and large companies from completely different countries of the world plays a significant role.”

So, at the summit, our team was able to talk with a member of the investment association from Zug Swiss Impact Investment Association, Ben Banerjee, one of the organizers of the event.

“What distinguishes this summit from others is the enlisted support from not only the cantons, but also the federal government. The summit brought together representatives of companies from many sectors of the economy, including those working with socially significant and environmental projects”, — noted Banerjee.

Among other participants there were representatives of logistics companies, representatives of the Rotterdam port, the “big four” consulting companies, the IT giant IBM, and the industrial holding Bosch.

Many of them not only discussed but also presented the results of their pilot blockchain projects. The opening of the conference was attended by the State Secretary for International Financial Affairs of Switzerland Jörg Gasser, Prince of Liechtenstein Mikael and a representative of the government of the canton of Basel.

Besides us, many other projects took part in the conference, such as NEO, IOHK, IOTA, ConsenSys, DASH, Lisk, Ripple.