EncryptoTel Guidelines: Call Records

We continue to talk about the possibilities of EncryptoTel’s virtual PBX with a high degree of confidentiality. Today’s material is devoted to such a popular service as Call Records.

Why record conversations?

- It helps employees: if during a conversation with a client or counterpart, an employee does not have time to record important information, then a recorded conversation will help him later to fill these gaps.

- In case of disputable situations, the recording will help to restore the conversation and find out at what point a misunderstanding occurred.

- Accelerates the training process of new employees who can use conversations of more experienced colleagues as an example to master the skills of communication with customers and counterparties.

- Allows you to improve skills of already experienced employees.

- Gives the business owner an ability to monitor employee conversations with customers and counterparties.

By default, the recording of conversations in the virtual PBX is disabled. To activate this service, you need to go to the “Store” and purchase this feature for your personal EncryptoTel account.

The service will be immediately available for activation after purchase.

It is possible to turn on the recording of conversations not only for each individual number, both internal and external, but also for separate extension lines. You can activate call recording in the settings for individual lines. To do this, go to the Extensions tab -> Edit

The “Call Record” column will appear in the settings. We draw attention to the fact that this feature will be missing in the settings if you didn’t purchase the package. After you check the “Record all calls” box, you should save the changes and wait for the green informational pop-up window to confirm that the service is activated.

To listen to or download the recording of a conversation, you must go to the “Detail” or “Storage” section. Records of conversations are safely stored in encrypted form on distributed nodes.

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