EncryptoTel: Let’s Get Acquainted

Jul 4 · 2 min read

The virtual PBX with a high degree of confidentiality EncryptoTel continues evolving and improving thanks to the efforts of our team. Our key task is to create a convenient tool for reliable and secure communication for users. And convenience begins with clear and detailed instructions. Therefore, we decided to recall the already published materials, where we discussed our platform, its services and capabilities.

  • If you have just joined the EncryptoTel community, then we advise you to read this instruction. In it, you will learn how to create an account, what tariff to choose and how to get an internal number with which you can make absolutely free calls within the EncryptoTel system.
  • The internal number in the EncryptoTel system provides a set of unique features: an unlimited number of extensions with separate passwords (a feature for business owners) and the choice of priority extensions. You’ll find out more in the manual.
  • EncryptoTel allows you to buy mobile and local numbers in more than 150 countries around the world. How to connect a “regular” city or mobile number in the country you need to our virtual PBX, and how to attach the required number of extension numbers to it, read here.
  • You are already familiar with the basic set of services; you can connect, configure and deactivate a number from your personal account. It’s time to make the first call. How to make calls using popular desktop and mobile applications, and how to configure them correctly, is described in this manual.
  • Calls are just one of the many possibilities offered by our virtual PBX. EncryptoTel allows you to store both recordings of conversations and third-party audio files. This service can be connected or disconnected for each individual extension number. Read more
  • Manage the flow of calls using the “rules”: forwarding to other extensions or external numbers, queuing calls, playing voice messages and other business features. All services allow fine-tuning of settings. For EncryptoTel, customization is not an empty marketing term. Read more
  • Call recording is a highly demanded telephony service. Therefore, we have dedicated a separate instruction to this EncryptoTel feature: how to purchase the conversation recording service, how to configure the service, how to add this function to the selected extensions.

When creating an interface, at EncryptoTel we strive to be intuitive and convenient even for those users who have never used VoIP services before. We will be happy to receive feedback from you. Share with us your experiences and impressions!

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