EncryptoTel project update

Oct 31 · 2 min read

EncryptoTel: new web client, opening of sales offices and other news

Our project to create the first virtual PBX with great usability and high level security EncryptoTel is entering a new stage of active development: together with partners, we are launching a chain of physical sales offices, continuing to improve existing services and developing new solutions. Our team has been so busy in recent weeks that there was absolutely no time left to tell about project development. But we are working on that situation!

Web client for call management from EncryptoTel

Our development team is at the final stage of creating a new web client that will provide new capabilities for EncryptoTel users. Soon they will be able to appreciate the excellent quality of our services via their desktops. Through EncryptoTel’s web client, you can not only manage your personal account, connect new extensions and telephone lines, but also make calls. The user-friendly minimalistic design is optimized for most popular browsers such as Chrome. Firefox, etc. We expect to release a stable beta version in the first quarter of 2020.

Retail chain

The main event for us this year we consider to be the preparations for the opening of a chain of physical sales offices for EncryptoTel franchise and white label. These offices will be opened in several cities in Russia. With their help, we can receive a live and detailed response to our business ideas and products from the main target audience of our services — small and medium enterprises.

Often, representatives of small companies are not very familiar with technical innovations in the field of telecommunications, and therefore face-to-face communication will not only help to tell them about our products, but also teach them how to use these improvements in practice. This is our goal with the opening of sales offices. It turned out to be quite a challenge: we could not entrust our solutions to average managers and sales departments. The selection process has dragged on for a while, we have interviewed dozens of people. And now we are pleased to announce that we have managed to pack a team of real professionals.

Bug fixing and debugging

In addition to the ambitious tasks that we mentioned above, our team continues to improve the work of existing services. This mainly concerns minor flaws, such as the correct translation of terms and messages in different languages, correct display of our interface in different OS and devices, and situational errors that come up in different individual telephone lines operations.

We tried to cover the main progress points here, and we are going to make this kind of reports a monthly practice. Stay tuned for our updates!

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