EncryptoTel project update

Mar 6 · 3 min read

EncryptoTel: integration with CRM systems, Android application update and even more flexible rules and filters

Since the beginning of 2020, the project team behind the first virtual PBX with an increased level of usability and security EncryptoTel managed to solve a number of important tasks. While the whole world celebrated Christmas, New Year, and then Lunar New Year, our developers were working hard to make EncryptoTel more flexible and functional for each individual user.

Bitrix integration and analytics system

CRM systems and other solutions for managing business processes have long been recognized as vital tools for successful entrepreneurial activity. Therefore, it was so important for us to make EncryptoTel able to integrate into an existing CRM system. The EncryptoTel solutions integrate seamlessly into business management systems and improve them by giving an ability to conduct deep and effective analytics on certain parameters.

Over the past month, we have successfully integrated EncryptoTel with one of the most popular CRM systems in Russia — Bitrix — and added the ability to analyze employee performance based on call data.

So, now our users will have the opportunity to see the amount of calls their employees made, how many was received or missed. Filtering provides statistics for days, weeks, and months. Also, the analytics system allows you to see the number of calls that lasted more than a minute. Such a service turned out to be in much demand by call centers, whose operators are losing customers, they often times immediately stop talking if they understand that they are being called for advertising or marketing purposes.

Now we are finishing the testing process and believe that all EncryptoTel clients will be able to use the service over the next month. We have used it successfully for ourselves and see the positive results of its implementation.

Unification of Outgoing Number

Yes, such an interesting service will now appear among other EncryptoTel functionalities. Users will be able to choose which number will be displayed as incoming by the subscriber when making a call via our telephony. Of course, it will be possible to choose only from numbers that belong to the same client.

This service is also in demand by call centers and companies with a large number of operators and employees. A phone number is as important as the company’s business card or it’s brand. And unifying the way how customers receive incoming calls from company helps improve brand perception.

In addition, call centers often face the fact that subscribers refuse to talk with operators if a mobile number is displayed on the phone.

Android app update

We have improved the EncryptoTel application for Android, and fixed a number of vulnerabilities that users often complained about. Now the beta version is under testing in Play Market, after the application will be available for download. In parallel, we are working on a beta version for iOS.


In the coming weeks, our focus will be on new goals. First, by analogy with Bitrix, we are working on integration with another business management system and customer interaction — amoCRM. Secondly, we plan to introduce the ability to create new types of rules for each number assigned to a specific employee. For example, from 8.00 to 12.00 employee must make as many outgoing calls and receive at least 20 incoming calls, of which at least five will last more than one minute. Thirdly, we will have a predicative set — automatic dialing of the given list of subscribers and immediately connecting with the manager in case the subscriber picks up the phone.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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