EncryptoTel roadmap update

Aug 1 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that we have defined a new time frame for the development of our project to create the first virtual PBX with an increased level of confidentiality EncryptoTel.

Over the past two years, EncryptoTel has been able to create a solid foundation for a full-fledged PBX, with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality being its distinctive feature, provided by our development and implementation of blockchain technology.

Despite the fall of the cryptocurrency market in 2018, work on the EncryptoTel project did not stop. We continued to refine our product to the needs of the market. Now we can see that investors and industry players turn their heads towards blockchain startups again, which, of course, is a result of the Bitcoin price rally. We hope that this will be an additional positive motivation to the development of our project.

The key idea of ​​the updated EncryptoTel roadmap is to focus on B2B sales. Thanks to this approach, we will not try to cover all possible categories of users, but will focus on the most profitable direction in terms of sales and economic feasibility. We have always advocated the rational use of attracted investments and are not going to spend them on achieving goals with a small prospect of profit.

According to the new roadmap, in addition to technological development, priority areas also include extending marketing support and sales. We will continue to technologically refine our product, to launch new functions and services every month, but we will direct some of our efforts to ensure that EncryptoTel occupies a significant niche in the telecommunications market.

The main stages of the updated development “roadmap” of our virtual PBX with an increased level of confidentiality EncryptoTel are:

July 2019:

  • Start of the development of mobile apps based on partner SDKs
  • Putting to test marketing campaigns based on developed business hypotheses

August 2019:

  • Transition to new API
  • New functionality: auto-attendant
  • Integration with a popular CRM system
  • Opening sales offices in Russia

September 2019:

  • Public testing of text messaging applications
  • New functionality: Autocall with list dialing
  • Launch of a convenient block explorer for verifying hash invoices in blockchain
  • Expansion of sales network and B2B marketing campaigns

October 2019:

  • Integration of blockchain functionality into a text messaging application
  • New functionality: Digital Secretary

November 2019:

  • Setting up synchronization with the PBX billing server
  • New functionality: First line support

December 2019:

  • Full service detalization for clients
  • New functionality: Speech analysis

January 2020:

  • Integration with call center solutions
  • New functionality: Virtual Personal Assistant

We remind you that the timing of the “roadmap” is within the time frame that our team sets in order to streamline development activities, and therefore they can sometimes shift and change, although we make every effort to move in accordance with the outlined map.

In the near future, we will update the dynamic “roadmap” site to make it easier to understand at what stage we are at the moment. The new version will appear on our main site.

Stay with us and follow the news!

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