EncryptoTel summarizes results of the 2018 and announces the launch of the platform

Although it was not an easy year for the industry, we’ve been able to complete the tasks set.

Last year we celebrated having only the basic structure of our virtual PBX with integrated blockchain services at our hands. And over the past year, we:

- implemented a full-fledged cloud application EncryptoTel PBX,

- developed mobile applications for Android (beta) and iOS (testflight),

- carried out the integration and testing of payment systems

- added a lot of new services, such as: departments structuring for companies, call forwarding, blacklist, call recording and cloud storage, IVR system and audio conference, the ability to purchase a virtual number in more than 150 countries regardless of the user’s location.

We obtained four licenses allowing us to provide communication services. Participated in dozens of conferences and summits around the world. We spread the word about EncryptoTel — the first telecommunications platform with integrated blockchain services — to thousands of visitors at international conferences, including investors, developers, IT directors, officials, top managers of the largest players in the telecom market.

We are pleased to announce that on December 26, testing of mobile and web applications will end and a full-scale launch of EncryptoTel will take place. We will not hide the fact that for us it is a long-awaited holiday.

We still have a lot of work to improve the EncryptoTel platform, and we look forward to 2019: it promises to be even more interesting and eventful. There are many challenges, discoveries and bright partnerships ahead. Stay with us!

The EncryptoTel team wishes all of our customers, partners and followers around the world happy holidays and a wonderful new year!