EncryptoTel weekly digest(02.12.18)

Huawei is casting curses, Google launching virtual mobile communications service, Amazon made a platform for scalable blockchain development service

2019 will be the year of pilot 5G networks deployment

Pilot launch of the new generation 5G networks in different points of the world will be held in 2019, and there will appear “5G islets” in this world, senior vice president of Telenor Group Bruaset Kjol predicted.

According to his words, 5G is not a revolution, but evolution of telecommunications market.

During his performance at East Tech West conference in China, Kjol noticed that the main question for him personally is what the new format of mobile telephony will be used for. 5G networks capacity can be fully manifested in the creation of “smart” cities and IoT-networks of autonomous vehicles, “because autonomous vehicles need communications without delays to stay safe”.

In the Kjol`s outlook, large-scale launches of 5G networks will be held after 2020.

Huawei: USA won`t win the 5G race without us

Eric Xu, one of the chairmen of the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei, stated that USA`s ambitions about becoming the №1 country in mobile networks of new generation 5G development race cannot be implemented without Huawei`s equipment.

“We, as the leader of 5G technology market, don`t have an opportunity to deliver goods and provide services for American customers, and the USA market has lost competitiveness by blocking the leading players in this field from participating. Therefore I don`t think they really will be able to achieve their goal and become №1 in 5G world.”

Xu added that non-admission of large players, such as Huawei, to the market, will lead to lessening of competition and price increase for telecommunications services.

American government banned Huawei and other Chinese manufacturer ZTE from selling their networks equipment in USA in 2012, basing their decision on high national security risks.

New Zealand prohibited the use of Huawei 5G equipment

Emotional outbursts of Huawei representative against USA ban are not surprising. In the context of the spy scandal more and more countries are refusing Chinese telecommunications equipment. This time New Zealand blocked the possibility of using Huawei telecommunication equipment for 5G networks for one of the largest telecommunications providers Spark New Zealand.

On Wednesday provider Spark New Zealand reported the rejection of request for the use of Huawei 5G technologies by the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) because of national security threat.

Earlier Australia blocked Huawei from participating in 5G networks launch in the country. Great Britain also warned about potential security risks during the use of Huawei products.

Google expanding its presence in the telecommunications market

Soon most of the smartphones with Android and IOS systems will receive a new service- Google Fi. This is a virtual mobile operator that Google was developing for several years.

One of the outstanding features of Google Fi is the absence of regular payments. User is paying for the exact amount of data that he used by the chosen tariff. Noteworthy is that the data will be transmitted through Google Fi using total encryption.

Technically, Google Fi-or just Fi is using the same radio frequencies and network coverage as usual operators for communications, but legally it`s an individual telecommunications operator.

By now only Beta-version of the service is available yet.

Amazon launched scalable blockchains development service

Now it will be easier to create decentralized networks. Last week Amazon presented the new platform Amazon Managed Blockchain- it`s a manageable service that helps to create and control scalable blockchain networks. The platform is created within the project Amazon Web Services.

“Amazon Managed Blockchain is eliminating the costs connected with network creation and automatically scales for the needs of thousands of applications that are processing millions of transactions”.

The users can build their platforms based on Hyperledger Fabric or in future- on Ethereum.

Currently, this service is available in trial mode and allows all interested ones to apply for its use.

EncryptoTel took part in the conference organized by the Government of Kazakhstan

On November 27 in Astana was held the second IoT Forum Astana, organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan. The main topic of the forum was the development of the Internet of things and infrastructure required for the establishment of large-scale Iot-systems, including smart cities and “smart” production.


EncryptoTel ecosystem, that is using cloud virtual PBX with the elements of decentralization and blockchain technology, helps to optimize communications infrastructure for business and individual customers. At the Astana forum, our representatives told how exactly decentralization and cloud PBX helps to reduce the time and cost involved in communication and make it more effective.

Among the speakers of the forum were Kazakhstan Government representatives and top managers of the largest players in the telecommunications market- Kazakhtelecom and Ericsson.