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Sep 9 · 3 min read

China combines 5G and blockchain, Telegram makes next step towards TON launch, and Facebook leaks user data again

Chinese state blockchain-based company develops 5G SIM cards

At the China International Intellectual Industry Exhibition 2019, China Telecom unveiled plans to create a 5G-enabled SIM card based on blockchain technology. China Telecom’s decentralized ecosystem was described in a white paper from the Chinese television company that will allow the development of a more secure hardware infrastructure for mobile phones using 5G. Smartphones will act as data nodes in this type of decentralized ecosystem.

Blockchain will help you track transactions and prevent attacks and intrusions, and it will also allow you to create automated contracts (smart contracts) to calculate the costs and estimate the use of 5G network for communication.

Forecast: 5G will increase revenue of US retailers by $ 12 billion in 2021

With the proliferation of 5G networks, US retailers will increase their revenue by $ 7.4 billion in 2019, $ 9.5 billion in 2020 and $ 12 billion in 2021, according to Adobe report. This will be achieved thanks to an increase in online sales.

“There is a proven relationship between online sales conversion and page connection and loading speeds,” Adobe said in a forecast.

This week, the launch of sales of the new version of the Galaxy Fold smartphone from Samsung took place in South Korea. The phone supports 5G and will appear on the European market in the coming weeks. The closest Samsung’s rival — Apple — will release their iPhone with 5G support only in 2020.

Database with 419 million phone numbers of Facebook users was discovered on the network

The American social network recorded another data leak. Millions of phone numbers of Facebook users have been discovered online on an insecure server. The data included dates of birth, gender, country, city of residence, profile ID, and phone number. 133 million records about US citizens, 18 million about the British and more than 50 million about the Vietnamese citizens leaked to the network. Anyone can get access to them: the database was not password protected.

Facebook’s spokesperson assured that the information stored on this server was outdated, and the leak appeared, most likely, before last year’s changes, when the social network removed the ability to add friends by phone number. But TechCrunch reporters verified the authenticity of the phone numbers — they turned out to be valid.

Telegram posted the source code of the TON blockchain on Github

On September 7, the source code for the TON blockchain test network appeared in the Github repository. Third-party developers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the code of the updated TON Testnet client, TON nodes and the block browser, which allows you to see the process of creating and validating blocks. The instructions for setting up a complete node in a test network and updating a full node to a transaction validator have also been updated.

The current speed of the Ton network blockchain is 1 block in a few seconds. According to TON Labs, an independent infrastructure developer for the TON ecosystem, TON Testnet currently has about 100 full nodes.

TON is less than two months away. If Pavel Durov’s team does not manage to launch the main TON blockchain network before the end of October 2019, then the investors of the project have the right to demand a return of investment.

EncryptoTel: fixing minor bugs

Last week, our development team spent fixing minor bugs, although they did not threaten the security of our users, could interfere with uninterrupted communication through our virtual PBX with an increased level of privacy EncryptoTel.

Corrections were made to the process of sending automatic letters during registration and extension of the tariff. In addition, we are working on improving the work schedule of technical support, which will reduce the time of processing tickets and make interaction with users more effective.

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